Exploring Banff - Part III

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, September 29, 2019
Our last day spent in Banff was incredible. For the first time since arriving, we had truly perfect weather. It was sunny and seventy degrees, which was just what we needed. Not only that, but we saw one of the most photographed places in Banff and it did not disappoint. All the details of our day spent on Lake Moraine are below.

Exploring Banff - Part II

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, September 20, 2019
I am officially back from my trip to New England and can't wait to continue sharing my Banff adventure with you. Our third day was jam-packed with activities. We completed a ten-mile hike, soared over the national park, and had a fabulous dinner. See below for all the details.

Exploring Banff - Part I

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, September 09, 2019
Back in July, I took a trip to Banff, Alberta, with three girlfriends. We spent four days immersed in nature and some truly incredible sites. I'm currently planning a trip to Acadia National Park, which has me reminiscing about Banff's National Park. It's a trip that will stick with me forever. Between the gorgeous views and quality time with my friends, it couldn't have been a better experience.

My Month in Photos - August

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, September 01, 2019
Hello everyone - I'm back! I decided to take a month off of blogging to enjoy a little piece of my summer apart from LE. It was a needed break to refocus and rededicate my time to blogging. I'm coming back in September ready to share travel trips, fashion advice, and give you a peak into my new home. But first, let's take a look back at my month spent away from Lavender Elizabeth.