White Lace Tops Perfect for Winter

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, November 25, 2019
The colder months are just around the corner, which means winter fashion is on the horizon. One of my favorite choices this year is white lace. It's so feminine and can easily be dressed up for the holidays. My mom recently gave me one of her lace shirts and I've fallen in love with it. I've worn it to work with black slacks, as well as with jeans and booties for dinner with the girls. It's inspired me to add more lace to my wardrobe (que the Cyber Monday sales now). I've rounded up some of the cutest white lace tops from each of my go-to stores (all for under $100!), plus my favorite way to style my top below!

My Favorite Fall Items

in , , by Lavender Elizabeth, November 14, 2019
Even though it snowed in Chicago this week, I still consider everything prior to Thanksgiving fall. It's my favorite season, so I refuse to let it be cut short by snow. Once Thanksgiving is over, then I'll concede and accept that winter has arrived. ;)

Throughout the season, there are always a handful of items that I consistently use. Today, I'm sharing the top 13 that have become favorites this fall. From comfy pants to festive candles, my essentials are below.

My Month in Photos - October

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, November 02, 2019
October was a crazy month at work. I attended the last of our four career fairs, interviewed over 40 candidates for our leadership program, and went to Connecticut to run an assessment center. (I work more in October than any other month during the year.) Thankfully, I also spent time with friends attending concerts, Halloween brunches, and haunted houses. The best part though? My sister visited for the first time since January. Having her here was amazing! We spent time wedding planning, shopping for dresses, and spending quality time together.