My Month in Photos // July

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, July 31, 2019
July was quite the month. Three major things happened: I moved into my very own place, I went on the trip of a lifetime to Banff, and I said goodbye to two of my closest friends as they start new adventures out of state. I also experienced one of the worst sunburns of my life! You'll notice that I'm missing photos from July 8 to 11, as I could barely walk from pain. Below is a peak into how I spent the non-sunburnt parts of July.

Fourth of July Weekend + Target Bathing Suit Favorites

in , , by Lavender Elizabeth, July 30, 2019
The weekend before Independence Day was so busy and the Fourth didn't slow down. I experienced the holiday in the city for the first time, planned an epic girls' night out, and had a boat day on the lake.

It was a weekend full of sunshine, friends, and fireworks.

My Non-Stop Chicago Weekend

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, July 11, 2019
I made a promise to myself this summer that I'd explore more of Chicago. From eating at new restaurants to trying different activities, I wanted this season to be one for the books. Back in May, a group of girls and I bought tickets to two different events: a sangria fest and rooftop yoga. Thankfully, we were finally blessed with some warm weather, so it turned out to be perfect timing. The other big ticket item that occurred? Chicago's Pride Parade! I brought my friend, Dana, along for the fun and trust me, it was so fun!

These three events made for one epic weekend!

Currently // June to July

by Lavender Elizabeth, July 02, 2019

June in Chicago has been strange. We've had so much rain this month! Thankfully, the sun has occasionally popped out, giving me plenty of time to enjoy the weather. Throughout the month, I tried new restaurants, like Kaiser Tiger and IO; discovered my love of frozé at Park & Field; and relaxed on my front stoop, chatting with friends. I also took a last minute trip to headquarters to meet my new Head of Talent. I was able to spend valuable time with my team, which is just what I needed at the end of the fiscal. The highlight of my month, however, happened on the last day of June. Dana and I participated in Chicago's Pride Parade by riding on Smirnoff's float. It was such a wonderful day. And, in true June fashion, it ended up down pouring halfway through the parade. Thankfully, it didn't dampen our moods, but had us celebrating in the rain.