Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A May Goal: Blog Traditions

One of my goals this month was to come up with some weekly traditions to help me grow my blog. Throughout the month, I've been looking to see if I'd like to link-up with some other blogs (I found 2!), along with coming up with some ideas of my own. So...drum roll are my ideas!

Monday: A Walk Down Memory Lane...
One of the pages on my blog is my on-going list of 101 Things I've Already Achieved. On Mondays, I'm going to go through those achievements, sharing my past with all of you!

Tuesday: ABC, Easy as 123
Lists, lists, and more lists. I am someone who really loves making lists, whether they be to-do lists, wish lists, favourites list, I am constantly writing them down. Since I happen to be a dork and love them, I'm going to share some of those lists each week!

Wednesday: She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not
This is my first link-up and my first post with these traditions (see it here!). Each week, Michaela over at Michaela Noelle Designs, she has guest bloggers, but also does some herself, and they list what they're loving and not loving during that week. It was so much working on it this morning and I'm so excited to continue with this!

Thursday: His Message
The most important thing in my life is my faith. Over the past year, my life has become so centred on God and His message and I really want to share that feeling with others. I read the Daily Reflection by Mark D. Roberts, so will most likely be sharing my thoughts on what he's said. He teaches in a way that completely makes sense to me, and also offers questions to reflect on. I write in a journal every night and a lot of the time, my entries revolve around what Mark has taught me that evening.

Friday: Fill in the Blank Friday
This is my second link-up from Miss Lauren over at The Little Things We Do. Each Friday, she creates either the beginning or end of a sentence and invites her readers to fill them in as she has. I'm super excited to participate in this - it's completely up my alley!

I'm getting really excited to start blogging!!!!

She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

This week, I'm going to start off with some new blog traditions, the first of which will be a link-up with the beautiful Michaela @Michaela Noelle Designs. This super talented girl graduated from my high school the year before I did, however, we have never officially met. When I stumbled upon her blog and saw that she does this each week, I decided I wanted to join (especially because I had come up with something to do each day except Wednesday - it was fate!), so enjoy:

She Loves Me:

(1) ICED WHITE CHOCOLATE MOCHA - No whip! This past month I feel like I've been living on these! As the last couple weeks of school wrap up, the workload is piling up, making for some very late nights. Personally, I'm not a coffee drinker (definitely a tea person), but I've realized caffeine (when sweetened) is a wonderful thing when you're going on 4 hours of sleep!

(2) MY BED Despite all the Starbucks I've been drinking, I am still so unbelievably excited to crawl into bed! There's something so nice about letting your body relax, while getting all snuggly. It's an added bonus when my bed looks as adorable as it does right now!

(3) "I WON'T GIVE UP" by Jason Mraz I heard this song on the radio the other day and decided to actually listen to the words - boy do I love this song! Sometimes you hear a song that is the embodiment  of how you're feeling at that point in time, and this happens to be that song!

(4) COLOURED HEELS This year for the Preference Night of our fall recruitment, we're going to be wearing coloured heels! Despite my new found love for shoes, I don't own any of these, so I've been looking on the internet to see what styles I like. Hopefully this weekend I'll be able to hit up Ross or TJ Maxx to find some affordable, but adorable heels! (If only my college-student budget would allow me to get these beautiful Jessica Simpson shoes!)

She Loves Me Not:

(1) CALCULUS Today, alone, I studied and caught up on notes for 7 hours! My brain no longer wants to look at numbers, especially trig integrals. My plan this week is to work my butt off so that I can do extremely well on Friday's midterm (yes, I'm still in midterms while other colleges are on their summer break). All I want is a C- in this class - it's so hard!

(2) CLEANING Since being at home this weekend for my sister's graduation, I have had to unpack. For some reason, unpacking tends to lead to a disaster on my side of the room! Clara spent time cleaning her side up yesterday, but I have yet to do so because cleaning is awful! (Despite how fun this cartoon makes it look...)

(3) DAVIS'S HEAT This week, as we finish out the month of May, Davis has decided that it would like to get extremely hot. Although the beginning of fall quarter can be much hotter, this sucks. My ideal place to live would be somewhere that consistently had 60-70 degree weather. If only California would accommodate this request, it would be the perfect place to live!

That's is for this week! This was so much fun - thank you Michaela for introducing it to me! Cannot wait to continue in next week's link-up.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Goals: May 2012

Participate in Derby Days (Sigma Chi's philanthropy).

Bake and/or cook for Mothers' Day.

Continue to buy flowers every two weeks.

Start some blogging traditions.

Make paddle key-chains for some of my sisters.

See Jamie for a weekend (hopefully in Davis!).

Try the Pinterest clothing experiment (my name for it).

Go to calculus tutoring twice a week.

Watch my sister graduate high school.

Complete my fundraising goal for Walk for Wishes.

Goals: April 2012 Update

complete remaining March goals
- cook 2 new things
- bake 2 new things (1: key lime pie)
- soldier: Spring care package
- 30 letters - April
- finish the Hunger Games

buy flowers every 2 weeks during Spring quarter

go to pilates each week with Emma

write my relationship list

write in my journal every day this month

take an art class at Davis

do the Amazing Race: Davis

participate in as many Greek activities as possible

finish hanging everything up in our apartment

April Goals Update:

March Goals:
I have decided that doing most of these goals when you're starting a new quarter is extremely difficult, so decided to abandon ship! Although, I did make a Pizza Biscuit Bake (yum!) and Banana Muffins, so I completed part of my goals. I also finished the Hunger Games - so good! I cannot wait to read the second and third books!

It was so nice to have flowers in our apartment! Made it seem a lot more like Spring! I am halfway done Spring Quarter now, so will continue to buy flowers every 2 weeks!

The class was cancelled; Emma and I were very sad! However, I signed up to do Intramural Volleyball with some Chi Omega sisters which is taking pilates' place.

Relationship List:
Find it here!

I loved journaling my prayers this month! It's so nice to keep track of them and see how the Lord has blessed me and answered my prayers.

Art Class:
When I went to register, I realized most of the classes started earlier than I thought, so missed out on taking one. I'm hoping to take one over the summer or during Fall Quarter!

Amazing Race:
I thought last year that it was in April, but I haven't heard anything about it yet, so I think I'm misinformed.

I went to some Greek Week events which was so much fun! Can't for for Derby Days in a couple weeks!

Hanging Things Up:
Accomplishing this goal next weekend when my parents come and visit - we aren't very tool savvy.