Goals: April 2012 Update

by Lavender Elizabeth, May 01, 2012
complete remaining March goals
- cook 2 new things
- bake 2 new things (1: key lime pie)
- soldier: Spring care package
- 30 letters - April
- finish the Hunger Games

buy flowers every 2 weeks during Spring quarter

go to pilates each week with Emma

write my relationship list

write in my journal every day this month

take an art class at Davis

do the Amazing Race: Davis

participate in as many Greek activities as possible

finish hanging everything up in our apartment

April Goals Update:

March Goals:
I have decided that doing most of these goals when you're starting a new quarter is extremely difficult, so decided to abandon ship! Although, I did make a Pizza Biscuit Bake (yum!) and Banana Muffins, so I completed part of my goals. I also finished the Hunger Games - so good! I cannot wait to read the second and third books!

It was so nice to have flowers in our apartment! Made it seem a lot more like Spring! I am halfway done Spring Quarter now, so will continue to buy flowers every 2 weeks!

The class was cancelled; Emma and I were very sad! However, I signed up to do Intramural Volleyball with some Chi Omega sisters which is taking pilates' place.

Relationship List:
Find it here!

I loved journaling my prayers this month! It's so nice to keep track of them and see how the Lord has blessed me and answered my prayers.

Art Class:
When I went to register, I realized most of the classes started earlier than I thought, so missed out on taking one. I'm hoping to take one over the summer or during Fall Quarter!

Amazing Race:
I thought last year that it was in April, but I haven't heard anything about it yet, so I think I'm misinformed.

I went to some Greek Week events which was so much fun! Can't for for Derby Days in a couple weeks!

Hanging Things Up:
Accomplishing this goal next weekend when my parents come and visit - we aren't very tool savvy.
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