Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Halloween Weekend Recap: Chicago

Happy Halloween!

For the past couple of years, I haven't done anything special for Halloween; I'm not even sure I've dressed up. This year, however, I finally celebrated, costume and all. A group of girlfriends and I headed to Chicago for the weekend to celebrate Halloween in style. Our first stop was a River Booze Cruise, then on to the bars in downtown. When I convinced my sister to join us, we knew we had to do a best friend costume. Enter, the Serena to my Blair.

Have a wonderful (and safe) Halloween!

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Fall Fashion: Statement Necklaces

Fall weather has officially hit here in Illinois and I am so psyched! Fall is my favorite season, for both the cool weather and the fashion! I am totally a chunky sweater and jeans girl. Turning that look into one that's appropriate for work - now that's something else. How do I dress up my fall sweaters for work? Statement necklaces! Below are my top 7 colors formalize your chunky sweaters this season.








How do you dress up your fall wardrobe for work?

Saturday, October 21, 2017

My Barcelona Trip - Part III

Our final day in Barcelona was amazing. We planned to spend the first half of our day in Barceloneta and the second half on Montjuic Hill. The downside of the day - I got absolutely fried! But it was so worth it to spend the morning on the beach, taking in the Mediterranean Sea. Below is the recap of our final day in Barcelona.


BARCELONETA: The beach in Barceloneta was great. We had fabulous weather, it wasn't too crowded, and we were able to go in the water. When we went in the water, we found out that you don't step in sand, but on a bunch of tiny pebbles. It didn't feel super great on the feet, but the water was so beautiful that we didn't mind. After relaxing in the water for a bit, we went back onto the beach and took a nap. I also had a massage on the beach that was perfect. Our final stop on our beach adventure was lunch. We went to a restaurant that was right on the sand with the perfect view of the ocean. Plus, the food and sangria were delicious!

BARCELONETA MARKET: Before heading back to the hotel to pack, we went to a row of craft tents that were set up from a festival the week before. I bought a unique statement necklace in pastels - I love it!

MONTJUÏC CABLE CAR: We saw some of the best views of Barcelona from here. It was a quick ride, but we timed it perfectly. During our ride, we caught the sun just as it was setting, making for a beautiful trip.

MONTJUÏC CASTLE: When we arrived, it was too late to go in the castle, but we were still able to walk around it. It was huge! There aren't any other castles in the city of Barcelona, so it almost seemed out of place to have this one there, however, it was beautiful. It reminded me of other cities in Europe I've been to.

MAGIC FOUNTAINS: I absolutely loved this! In the middle of the city there's a fountain show, complete with timed colors and music, that occurs. And trust me, it was magical. I was so glad we were there on a night that they put on the show as I was in awe. I just love things that like!

EL MAMA LA PAPA: To cap off our trip, we went back to El Mama La Papas. When we were there the night before, we were told that they were having a celebration there the next night, so we made sure to attend. There were drag queens, singing, dancing, acrobatics, and so much more. It was truly the perfect way to end our time in Spain.

I still can't believe that I was able to travel to Barcelona with one of my best friends. We saw so many beautiful things and created memories that will last forever. I'm already itching to travel somewhere new! Cannot wait to make traveling to new places together a tradition. Marie, thank you for such an incredible trip!