Recipe // Festive Candy Corn Cupcakes

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, October 31, 2018
Festive food is so fun when celebrating a holiday. For Halloween this year, my roommates and I are hosting a dinner and movie night with friends. I was in charge of dessert, so decided to make candy corn cupcakes. The super-easy-to-make directions are below.

Halloween Weekend & DIY Group Costume

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, October 30, 2018
Halloween weekend means dressing up and going out with friends! This year, rather than go on a nighttime boat cruise, we deiced to do a day-time bar crawl. The crawl took place in River North, which is an area of Chicago I haven't explored very much. It was great! So many unique bars, with really different atmospheres. Plus, I got to do a group costume for the first time in years! We decided really last minute to recreate Winnie the Pooh and friends. Creating the looks were so simple. Our crawl recap and directions on how to make your own Winnie costumes are below. (Also, check out the incredible view from my friends' apartment!)

Fashion // Fall Essentials

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, October 25, 2018
I absolutely love fall fashion. You can throw on a chunky sweater and look super cute, while still being completely comfortable. This year, I'm going to try and step out of my typical fall staples and experiment with some new styles. I put together a complete list of all this season's essentials - some classic, some new - that I'll be trying over the next couple months.

Chicago Hotspot // Jack's Pumpkin Pop-Up

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, October 23, 2018
This past weekend, my friends and I hit up the newest Chicago hotspot: Jack's Pumpkin Pop-Up.

HOTSPOT: Jack's - A Pumpkin Pop-Up Experience
WHERE: Goose Island
WHAT: A pumpkin wonderland beer garden, complete with a corn maze

Weekend Getaway // Grand Rapids

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, October 12, 2018
Last weekend, a group of friends and I went on a fun getaway to Grand Rapids, Michigan. Every other year, Grand Rapids hosts an international art show called ArtPrize, where artists showcase their work throughout the city. It's such a cool concept! It was basically a walking museum tour filled with unique paintings, sculptures, and interactive art. We spent the weekend exploring the art, tasting wine, and trying new restaurants. 

Our full girls' weekend recap is below!

Currently // September to October

by Lavender Elizabeth, October 01, 2018

September was one of the more relaxing months I've had this year. I was supposed to travel to Maryland for work, but with the impending hurricane, decided to cancel the trip. I did, however, still make it on my Tennessee trip, which was so fun! I was also able to see my sister a couple of times throughout the month; watch my pups while my parents were away; and continue to settle into my new home.

  1. Currently // August to September A recap of last month and a look into this one
  2. Completing Chicago's Tough Mudder All about that one time we competed in mud
  3. Home Trend I'm Loving // Watercolor Florals My new bedspread inspired my love of this trend
  4. My Summer Bucket List A complete recap of my summer season 
  5. Trip Recap // Nashville to Knoxville A look into my trip to Tennessee
  6. What I'm Loving this Month // September A review of everything I loved in September

October 4 Ed Sheeran Concert
October 6-7 Girls Weekend in Grand Rapids
October 9-11 LinkedIn Talent Connect in Anaheim
October 12-15 Visiting friends in the Bay Area
October 23-25 Work week in Norwalk
October 27 Halloween fun

Have a wonderful October everyone!