Completing Chicago's Tough Mudder

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, September 03, 2018
Last weekend, my friends and I completed our first Tough Mudder. Back when we signed up in March, we had every intention of training and rocking our race. As it turns out, not one of us trained. That morning, we quickly switched our mentality to "let's go play in the mud." We had a blast! The obstacles were tough, but doable. We did the Half Mudder, which meant 5 miles and 14 obstacles. This is a race that 100% requires teamwork. We were helping pull strangers up, as well as each other.
My three favorite obstacles?

Kiss of Mud 2.0
This is where we officially got muddy! We had to crawl under barbed wire through mud to get to the other side.

6 Feet Under
Sliding down a pile of mud into water - what's more fun?

Happy Ending
This obstacle required creating a human ladder to climb up. Once you made it to the top, you got to slide down a giant slide and celebrate finishing the race.

By the end, we all said we can't wait until the next Tough Mudder. Next time, we're going to step it up and do a full instead of the half.


Already looking forward to my next race!
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