Hello everyone and welcome to Lavender Elizabeth, a place to share my favorite things!

Who is the girl behind the blog? I am Ainsley Elizabeth Laven - an (almost) 30-year-old living in Chicago.
I was born in Toronto, but moved around a lot growing up. We jumped from Canada to California and back again twice, until I finally settled in Illinois after university. I initially moved to the midwest to join my family (who moved there while I was attending UC Davis), but as of last year, both my parents and sister have moved out of state. I, however, have remained in Chicago and love it. I've found some truly incredible friends here, who you'll definitely see pop up on the blog, and am proud of the life I've built for myself here. 

For the past five years, I've been working in talent acquisition at my dream company. I recently moved into a new role focusing on Early Career, so I get to attend university career fairs and talk to students all day, which I love. The strategy behind human resources and talent engagement is a huge passion of mine!

I initially started blogging back in 2012 to have a place to share my favorite memories, but it's quickly evolved into a space for me to flex my creativity. I absolutely love putting together content focused around my favorite things, including fashion, travel, experiences, events, and my daily life. You can read more about how Lavender Elizabeth came to be here.

I am so excited you've found yourself here and cannot wait to dive into the world of Lavender Elizabeth with you!