Snowy Holiday Gift Guide

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, November 26, 2022
I absolutely love winter! I don't know if it goes back to my Canadian roots or not, but chilly weather and snow make me so happy. Some of my best memories are from this time of year, including trips to Lake Tahoe, playing with my cousins in Toronto, ice skating in Chicago, and so many more. These memories are filled with laughter, new experiences, and child-like wonder. In honor of today's gift guide, I'm sharing three of my favorite snowy memories...
Winter Park Trip At the beginning of this year, I fell in love with skiing in Colorado. I had been a couple of times before, but there was something different about this trip. It was filled with wonderful friends, snow-filled adventures, and the most beautiful views.
College Girls Visit My girlfriends from college came to visit a few years ago and Illinois was having a big cold snap. I remember laughing with them all bundled up, playing in my parents' backyard, and warming back up with hot chocolate in front of the fire.

My 29th Birthday We went sledding near the lake in Chicago and had such a blast. I highly recommend sledding/snow tubing as an adult! Quick tip: be careful not to run into any kids not paying attention - this may or may not have happened to one of my friends. ;)

Enjoy today's snowy holiday gift guide for those who also love this season and those that are just trying to survive the winter.
1. Keep legs warm with base-layer leggings....
2. And your top warm with a base-layer mock turtleneck.
3. Apr├Ęs ski shirt for post-ski drinks.
4. Boots with built-in grips for icy hikes.
5. Igloo ornament for a white Christmas.
6. Snow tube for sledding fun.
7. Stay warm inside with a snow day candle.
8. Protective goggles to hit the slopes.
9. A decorative snow globe to add some sparkle.
10. Bring the snow inside with string lights.
11. The softest hat to keep warm.
12. Sip hot cocoa out of an insulated tumbler.
13. My favorite winter coat, with a removable hood.
14. Represent the best season with snowflake earrings.
15. Flannel sheets for a cozy sleep.
16. The best gloves for outdoor activities.
17. Cute PJs to relax after some wintry fun.
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