My Stay Home Essentials

by Lavender Elizabeth, April 27, 2020
We are in a very strange time in the world right now. Illinois has officially extended the "Shelter-in-Place" order until the end of May. It's hard to believe that we've already been home for six weeks and have a minimum of five to go. Over the past month, I've been working to keep myself busy, as well as take care of my mind and body. To help you over the next few weeks, I thought I'd share the items that have been key to my well-being through all of this. From my favorite sweats to the best tea, all my essentials are below.

Month in Photos - March

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, April 08, 2020
Last month started and ended very differently. Up until March 20, life was going on as normal - I went out with friends and worked in the office. Then the governor announced a "stay at home" ordinance and all of that stopped. For me, I had started that regimen March 12, as I ended up coming down with strep throat, a sinus affection, and a low-grade flu, all in one week. When I recovered, I didn't think I'd be finishing out the month cooped up in my apartment. Take a look below to see how I slowly adapted to sheltering in place.