My Month in Photos // March

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, March 31, 2019
Last month, I started a new series on Lavender Elizabeth: My Month in Photos. I love taking pictures of my day-to-day life, which is why I decided to start this series. Blog posts often have curated photos and don't show true daily life. This series gives you glimpse into my everyday. Below is how I spent my March!

What I'm Loving // March

by Lavender Elizabeth, March 29, 2019
Guys, I think spring is officially on its way! We've been having warmer days and my allergies have started to kick in (ha!). I'm so ready to leave the house without a coat, sit outside at restaurants, and explore Chicago in the warmth. For now, I'm loving this sunshine! See what else I've been loving this month below.

A 1920's Murder Mystery Party

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, March 26, 2019
This past weekend, my roommates and I hosted a 1920's Murder Mystery Party to celebrate Betty's birthday. She worked with The Murder Mystery Co., a company that specializes in Murder Mystery dinner parties. The premise was a Mobster Speakeasy gone wrong. We had rival mob bosses, a singing superstar, and an undercover Bureau of Prohibition agent. We transformed our apartment into our very own speakeasy as the backdrop to the party. It was seriously an amazing night!

My Favorite Tassel Jewelry

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, March 24, 2019
I am having a moment with tassel jewelry. I love that they're playful, but still so beautiful. For spring, they're ideal. With so many colors to choose from and their happy nature, they accessorize an outfit perfectly. My current collection includes way too many necklaces and a growing earring collection. My current favorite: my long orange earrings pictured below. Over a girls' weekend in Naperville with my mom and sister, we stopped into Lauren Rae, a little boutique downtown. As soon as I saw them, I knew I had to have them. Not only were they my favorite color, but they had tassels! From that moment, I knew I had found a staple in my jewelry collection.

My Winter Bucket List

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, March 20, 2019
For both summer and fall, I shared the items on my bucket list that I accomplished that season. With today being the first official day of spring, I'm sharing my winter list. From snow days to traveling, I had a wonderful winter.


St. Patrick's Day in Chicago

in , , by Lavender Elizabeth, March 17, 2019
Happy St. Patrick's Day, friends!

Have you ever seen something in photos for years and then finally get the opportunity to see it in person? That was me yesterday with Chicago's green river.

Yesterday, after living in Illinois for three years, I finally experienced the green river. What's even better is that I did it on a boat! I, along with two of my friends, went on a booze cruise to celebrate St. Patrick's Day this year. We were on the boat for a total of three hours, which was the perfect amount of time.

Green Home Decor Perfect for Spring

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, March 15, 2019
Spring is just around the corner (5 days - but whose counting?)! To me, green just screams spring. Everything is starting to bloom, creating beautiful colors in nature. As I start to prep for this new season, I can't help but want to make a couple changes throughout my home, starting with this color. Adding subtle touches of green, whether in fresh plants or throw pillows, these decorative features are sure to get you in the mood for springtime.

Our Milwaukee Girls' Weekend

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, March 13, 2019
This past weekend, a group of girls and I took our second girls' trip together. This time, we went up to Milwaukee. I had never been, so exploring this new town was a blast. We were only there for the weekend, but definitely made the most our of our time. We drove up on Saturday, staying the night in an Airbnb and then left Sunday afternoon to head home. The only bummer about the weekend was the mass amounts of rain we experienced on Saturday (which then turned to hail and ice). I'm looking forward to going back in the spring when we can walk along the lake and see the city in the sunshine! Regardless of the dreary weather, we truly had a great time eating food, trying new bars, and finding hidden gems in the city. Below is our full itinerary.

Currently // February to March

by Lavender Elizabeth, March 03, 2019

This month was a blast! I spent so much time with friends and family - my kind of month! I started out February on a mountain in Michigan, skiing with friends. I hosted my girlfriends for my annual Galentine's Day party. This year, we all brought our favorite things and did a gift exchange. I also celebrated turning 27, went to a LinkedIn workshop, joined a book club, started working out again, and planned trips to Charleston, San Francisco, and Banff. I can already feel that March is going to be just as great a month.