My Month in Photos // February

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, February 28, 2019
Today I'm starting a brand new series: My Month in Photos. Every month, I take dozens of photos that I never share. From views to random selfies, I typically take a least one photo each day. Rather than keep them collecting dust in my iPhone, I thought why not share a glimpse into my daily life? Enjoy my first installment of My Month in Photos.

What I'm Loving // February

by Lavender Elizabeth, February 27, 2019
January was the slowest month, but February seems to have flown by! It's been a busy month filled with exploring new parts of Chicago, skiing in Michigan, and hosting get togethers with friends. I've been loving the fun I've been having this month, as well as some little things that made February that much better. Below are the five things I've been loving throughout the month of February.

Cute Patterned Pillows for your Home

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, February 19, 2019
Home decor is quickly becoming a passion of mine. I love being able to transform a space into something homey, personable, and stylish. One of the easiest ways to do this is to add decorative throw pillows to a space. Creating definition with different sizes, colors, and patterns is a great way to  update your room. When looking for inspiration for my bedroom, I started scouring Pinterest. One trend that continually caught my eye was the use of patterned pillows. My favorite way to use pattern is by mixing them, but utilizing similar colors. Three examples are below, as well as my favorite patterns to use in your home.

Dainty Rings for Under $25

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, February 17, 2019
To me, some of the most feminine and stylish rings are the simplest ones. Thin bands, a slight sparkle, and small details; in a word: dainty. The ring that I wear every day is just that and I love the way it looks on my hand. I find that when I accessorize with rings, I tend to look for rings with subtleties, just like my staple ring. Below are some of my favorite dainty rings, all for under $25.

Hosting // A Galentine's Favorite Things Party

in , , by Lavender Elizabeth, February 12, 2019
I first read about a Favorite Things Party on Michaela Noelle Designs. She's hosted a couple for different holidays and I knew I had to try it. Last year, I hosted my first Galentine's Day Party with a Sleepover Theme; this year, it was time for a My Favorite Things Party.

27 + My Favorite Things

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, February 08, 2019
Today is my 27th birthday (and Lavender Elizabeth's 2nd anniversary)! Usually, when this day hits, I'm shocked and can't believe another year has gone by. This year, however, I'm completely ready for my birthday. I had the realization a couple weeks ago that I felt 27. Where I'm at in my life right now just feels like 27. I'm oddly content about getting another year older and already can't wait to see what this year brings.

Looking Back at 26

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, February 06, 2019
Tomorrow is my 27th birthday! It's crazy how fast this last year has gone by. Last year, when I celebrated year 26, I created a list of things I wanted to complete during the year. Looking back at that list, I didn't accomplish everything I wanted to, but still had an amazing year. Below is my recap of my 26 Things to Do at 26.

26 Things to Do at 26: The Results

Trip Recap // Skiing in Michigan

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, February 05, 2019
This past weekend, we went on our second annual ski weekend. Last year's trip was the first time I spent an entire weekend with these friends - it was the trip that solidified our friendship and from then on out, I never left the group chat. Celebrating a year with these friends, skiing just like we did last year, was perfect. This year, we went to Dana's lake house in Michigan, added new friends, and ate amazing food prepared by Betty. All our fun is below!

Currently // January to February

by Lavender Elizabeth, February 03, 2019

This has been quite the month! Chicago went through a Polar Vortex with temperatures down to -21, with a windchill of -60. I didn't leave my apartment for two days to avoid the chilly weather. Prior to surviving record breaking temperatures, I went on two trips. The first was to Charleston, South Carolina, to move my sister and her fiancé into their new home; the second was to Northern California, where I saw friends, explored familiar towns, and worked out of our San Francisco office. The rest of the month was spent with family and friends, enjoying the first month of the new year.