Weekend Recap: Ski Trip

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, February 10, 2018
Last weekend, I joined friends on my very first ski trip. I'd never been skiing before, so was super excited to learn. It snowed the entire time (which ended with three of us buying sunglasses so we could see), but it was still so nice out.
Below is a recap of my weekend.

Once we arrived in Wisconsin, we grabbed groceries and then went to dinner. We ended up at Moosejaw, a restaurant that gives all of its customers moose antlers (the Canadian in me was pretty happy). After dinner, we spent hours playing card games. It was a great night full of food, drinks, and friends.

After breakfast, we headed to Cascade Mountain. We began the day with Anil and Dana teaching Morgan, Emily and me how to ski. We did the bunny hill and then moved on to the next step up. At noon, Morgan, Emily, and I took a beginners lesson while Anil and Dana skied the harder slopes. We ended up having a semi-private lesson with an instructor which was great. Once our lesson was over, the five of us had lunch. I also got hot chocolate with Bailey's, which was delicious! For the rest of the afternoon, we skied different slopes. At one point, we ended up going on a Blue Run, which wasn't the best idea. We all fell. I fell three times. It was rough. When we got back to the cabin, we headed to the hot tub, and then had Anil's homemade jambalaya.

Overall, I had a great weekend! I was super sore on Sunday, but I'm so proud of myself. Skiing is definitely not easy, but I did it.

Here's to another snow-filled weekend here in Illinois.
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