Meet Kinchie & Whinnie: My Cavalier King Charles

by Lavender Elizabeth, February 20, 2018

Today is National Love Your Pet Day and let me tell you, I love my pets! Kinchie and Whinnie are half sisters and best friends. They are so precious together. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that these love muffins pop up a lot, so what better day to introduce them to the LE blog world? 

NAME ORIGIN: Glenkinchie, Scotch from East Lothian, Scotland
AGE: 10
FAVORITE TOY: Her hedgehog
FAVORITE SLEEPING SPOT: On a lap or anything super soft
FAVORITE ACTIVITY: Fetch or being chased
- If your laptop is on your lap and she wants to lay there, she'll paw at it until you move it out of her way
- She has an obsession with all things soft - you can find her on a blanket or pillow most of the time
- Her internal clock is so strong! She'll start bugging you for dinner at 5:30 and if she hasn't been out by 11:00, she'll start scratching at the door
- Kinchie will often greet you at the door with her hedgehog in her mouth, ready to play

NAME ORIGIN: Dalwhinnie, Scotch from Highland Village, Scotland
AGE: 9
FAVORITE FOOD: Turkey from the deli
FAVORITE SLEEP SPOT: On the leopard blanket, with her back paws pushed up against the couch
FAVORITE ACTIVITY: Going on walks and being pet
- She goes crazy for turkey, barking and spinning around in circles
- If you're petting her and you stop, she use her paw to tap your hand to keep going
- For whatever reason, the nose if her favorite spot to kiss
- As soon as someone walks into the kitchen, it's not long before Whinnie has followed, always sitting on the mat in front of the sink

These dogs have been the best. They are both so loving and sweet and never fail to brighten my day. We've had them for 10 years and I still look at them like they're little puppies. They'll do something cute and I'll automatically take a photo. (The camera roll on my phone mainly consists of my dogs.) Before I had dogs, I didn't think of myself as a pet person - now I can't picture life without them.

Happy National Love Your Pet Day!
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