Gift Guide for the Hostess

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, December 24, 2019
The week between Christmas and New Years Day typically involves shuffling between different family members' and friends' homes. This means that there are plenty of hostess gifts to buy for those that brave the holiday hosting duties. If you're struggling for what to get, I've got you covered! From holiday-themed gifts to items perfect for their home, it's all below.

Last Minute Stocking Stuffers

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, December 22, 2019
One of my favorite traditions that we do as a family is stockings. Since we were little, my sister and I have always opened stockings from Santa first thing in the morning. They're waiting for us outside our bedroom doors, so when Bethany wakes up, she brings them into my room to open. Together, on my bed, we open everything up. Now that Bethany's engaged, we've brought her fiancé in on the fun, so it's a full house in my room Christmas morning. My mom always tells me she has the most fun picking things out for our stockings each year. When we come downstairs for breakfast, she can't wait to hear about all our favorites.

Gift Guide for the Blogger

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, December 15, 2019
Today's Gift Guide is for all my fellow bloggers! Nothing means more than the support from friends and family, so why not gift them something that shows you care? When creating our blogs, we spend a lot of time planning, taking photos, and working on our computers - below are 13 items that every blogger needs to help rock her slice of the internet.

Gift Guide for the Homebody

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, December 08, 2019
This gift guide was made for me. While I love going out and experiencing new things, there's nothing like being home. Now that I'm in my own own place, cozy nights in are some of my favorites. Comfy pants, a candle burning, working on my laptop - there's nothing better. Below, I've rounded up items for you to gift your favorite homebodies. I may need to gift some of them to myself this Christmas!

Gift Guide for the Beauty Queen

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, December 05, 2019
It's officially my favorite time of year on the blog - it's Gift Guide season! I absolutely love giving gifts. There's something so fun about picking something up that you just know the recipient is going to love. Over the next couple of weeks, I'm going to help you find the ideal present for everyone on your list. From the homebodies to the dapper men, I've got your inspiration covered.

Today's gift guide is inspired by all things beauty. With the help of my sister (the beauty guru in my life), I've rounded up 13 gifts that are sure to dazzle the Beauty Queens in your life.

My Month in Photos - November

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, December 02, 2019
November was a whirlwind! Three trips, a holiday, and kicking off the Christmas season. This month was one of my favorites because I was able to see both my friends that moved away this summer. I saw Betty when I visited her new home in Austin and Dana came back for Thanksgiving - it was great. Below, you can catch up on this month's blog posts, as well as take a peek into how I spent my November.