Year in Review: 2017

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, December 30, 2017
This past year has been a whirlwind! There have been a lot of changes, experiences, and excitement that have occurred throughout the year. Looking back over the past 12 months, I'm reminded of how blessed I am. Below, I'm recapping my year, filled with my top 8 experiences of 2017.

Gift Guide for the Christmas Fanatic

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, December 23, 2017
It is officially two days until Christmas and I am so excited! I can't wait for my family to all be together, opening gifts, listening to music, and enjoying the magic of Christmas. If you're on the hunt for that final gift but can't decide what to get, this gift guide is sure to help. For those in your life that love Christmas, get them something perfect for the season.

Gift Guide for the Cozy Girl

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, December 22, 2017
Does anyone else just love being cozy? There's something so great about coming inside from the cold winter weather, putting on comfy clothes, and having some cocoa. If you know someone like me that loves all things cozy, this gift guide is for you!

Gift Guide for the Home Decorator

in , , by Lavender Elizabeth, December 20, 2017
Today's gift guide is inspired by my mom. She is a home decorator-extraordinaire. She has made our family's home cozy, warm, and stunning. If you also have a home decorator in your life, then this guide is for you!

Gift Guide for the Bartender

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, December 17, 2017
Since I work for an alcohol company, it's only fitting that I share a gift guide fit for a bartender. My dad recently built a bar in his basement and it looks stunning! The only thing missing? Some of these great accessories.

The Best Ugly Christmas Sweaters

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, December 15, 2017
Happy National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day! I've now had two occasions where I've been able to wear one: the first, at an Ugly Christmas Sweater Brunch; and the second, at my work's pub night last night. It was so fun to see everyone's sweaters. In honor of this national day, I'm sharing my favorite holiday sweaters I've seen this season. And, as an added bonus, I've paired matching Christmas earrings with each.

Gift Guide for the Tea Lover

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, December 14, 2017
I am such a tea granny! Every day when I get home from work, I sit down and have a cup; and continue until I go to bed. My favorite is Tetley breakfast blend with milk and sugar. It's something I've grown up with, as my parents and grandparents always drank tea. I'll always remember having tea with both of my grandmas - it was our own little tradition. Today's gift guide is inspired by them, my favorite tea lovers.

Gift Guide for the World Traveler

in , , by Lavender Elizabeth, December 12, 2017
I definitely have the travel bug! Ever since high school, I've been lucky enough to travel around the world with my family, as well as friends. I've been to places including Mexico, Paris, Amsterdam, Jamaica, and just recently, Barcelona. Exploring new places and cultures is something I love. Today's gift guide is for all of my fellow travel-lovers!

My Winter Shopping Essentials

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, December 10, 2017
Two days in a row, I've woken up to snow on the ground. I think that means it's officially winter. In honor of the first frost, I'm sharing my winter shopping essentials. Everything from cute gloves to tweed skirts, this list will help you update your wardrobe to fit the new chilly temps.

Weekend Recap: Christmas Festivities

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, December 07, 2017
This past weekend was the perfect way to kick of the Christmas season. I checked off three of my to dos in three days - visited the Morton Arboretum's Illumination, went to Chicago's Christkindlmarket, and hosted a table at an Advent Tea. It was a great first weekend of December spent with friends. 

Gift Guide for the Christian Girl

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, December 06, 2017
This next gift guide is one of my favorites! My faith in Christ means so much to me, so having the opportunity to help someone else's grow is beautiful. This gift guide is centered around just that: giving the Christian women in your life something to encourage their faith.  

My November Recap & December To Dos

by Lavender Elizabeth, December 05, 2017
Happy December everyone! This may be one of my favorite months because it means Christmas is upon us; and I love Christmas. For me, it means family, joy, and the celebration of my Savior's birth. 

November was a very busy month for me. Between my mom's fundraiser and Cup of Cheer, I basically went to work and came home to help. December has already been more social for me than last month and it's only the fifth. Below is a recap of my to dos, as well as my fun December list.

Complete my personal prayer challenge by praying for someone in my life each day in November.
Again, I got so behind in this, that I just stopped. I fully plan on completing this challenge in the new year, though!

Apply to an open Human Resources position within my company.
After talking to the hiring manager, we decided it would be better to wait for an upcoming position to apply to.

Organize my closet to make room for chilly weather clothing.
If nothing else, my closet became more disorganized because of stashing things for Cup of Cheer.

Spend time with one of my childhood best friends.
She's coming this month, too! Love working for the same company as her.

Take Christmas card photos for a friend (and reward ourselves with lunch afterwards).
It was so fun! Both her and her pup had three outfit changes, all of which were adorable.

Help my mom with the finishing touches for her fundraiser.
Everything went so well! My mom is a rockstar when it comes to fundraisers.

Take time to thank God for everything he's given me during Thanksgiving.
You can read my thankful thoughts here.

Enjoy having my room decorated for Naperville's Cup of Cheer.
I have the cutest tree in my room - it has teacups on it to match my collection.

Plan my Advent Tea table decor.
I went with a cozy-Christmas feel, complete with plaid and snowy trees.

Plan a girls' night with friends.
Our girls night will happen this month!

Start reading The Message: SOLO Women's Devotional with two of my friends.

Create gift guides to help in your holiday shopping.

Visit the Morton Arboretum's Christmas light display, Illumination.

Have an ugly Christmas sweater party with friends.

Explore the Christkindlmarket in downtown Chicago.

Host a table at an Advent Tea.

Have a blast at my first company holiday party.

Attend my church's Christmas Eve service.

Spend quality time with my family during Christmas.

Plan something fun to do for New Years Eve.

Have a wonderful December everyone!

Gift Guide for the Baker

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, December 01, 2017
Happy December everyone! To kick off the official start to my favorite time of year, I'm sharing the first of many Gift Guides to inspire your holiday shopping.

First up: The Baker's Gift Guide. I am someone who isn't exactly a fan of cooking, but I do love to bake! Today's guide is intended for people in your life like me - those who know what to do with some flour and an oven.