Gift Guide for the Crafter

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, December 15, 2020
I can't wait to share the next 2020 gift guide with you today! Despite being a very analytical person, I love to flex my creative side, which is where my love for crafting started. Between scrapbooking throughout high school and learning calligraphy a couple years ago, I found a way to tap into that side of myself.
Below,  you'll find all the gifts perfect for the crafter in your life. Happy shopping!

Gift Guide for the Pandemic

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, December 14, 2020
After reviewing past gift guides, it's officially time to kick off the 2020 Gift Guide season! The first gift guide is to commemorate and honor this past year. We've all been through a lot these last several months living through a pandemic and experiencing something I never thought I'd see in my lifetime. There was a toilet paper shortage, people washed their hands more than ever, and we found new ways to entertain ourselves while staying home. Below, you'll find gifts perfect for the pandemic, including things for your health, pastimes, and little things to remind us of the more optimistic beginning of quarantine.

Gift Guide Archive: 2019

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, December 10, 2020
Today's post is the last one before we officially launch into brand-new gift guides! In this post, you'll find gift ideas for the 1) Beauty Queen, 2) Homebody (perfect for 2020!), 3) Hostess, 4) Blogger, and finally 5) last-minute stocking stuffers. Enjoy!

Gift Guide Archive: 2018

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, December 08, 2020
Today's gift guides come from the 2018 archive. If you're looking for gift ideas for the 1) stressed girl, 2) outdoor lover, 3) photographer, and 4) fitness lover, check out my lists below.

Gift Guide Archive: 2017 Part II

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, December 06, 2020
 Continuing on in our Gift Guides of Christmas Past series - 2017 Part II. Below you'll find the perfect gifts for tea lovers, world travelers, bakers, and Christian ladies.

Gift Guide Archive: 2017 Part I

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, December 04, 2020
It's my favorite time of the year - gift guide season! Before we jump into my 2020 gift guides, I'm doing a quick review of years' past. Today, I'm sharing some of the first gift guides I ever created. Below you'll find gift guides for: the cozy girl, the home decorator, the bartender, and the Christmas fanatic. Enjoy!

November Month in Photos

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, December 03, 2020
It's officially holiday season on Lavender Elizabeth! In my opinion, this is the best time of the year. Between the festive spirit, beautiful lights, and snow - you can't go wrong. My favorite part, though, is the gift giving. I absolutely love to give gifts, so throughout the month of December, I'll be sharing gift guides for all the people in your lives. First, though, it's time to recap November. I started my holiday season a little early this year, with decorations, light shows, and all the Christmas mugs.

How to Wear a Skirt in Fall

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, November 30, 2020
It's the last day of November and the last Fall Fashion post of the season. Over the last couple months, we've looked at some of my favorite trends, including leopard print, wide brim hats, and different sweater styles. Today's trend is all about the mini skirt. Even in the chillier weather, you can still rock a skirt - just pair it with a warm sweater and cute boots. Below you'll find my favorite skirt outfit, style inspiration, and where to purchase the cutest fall mini skirts.

Fall Fashion - Leopard Print

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, November 23, 2020
Today marks the second to last post in my fall fashion series and it's one of my favorites. Throughout the series, this is the one trend I prepped, but wasn't expecting to love. Leopard print always seemed too bold for me, but then I found the below sweater at Nordstrom Rack and changed my tune. Since then, I've purchased another top, a cute pair of flats, and a fun mask. Check out some of my favorite ways to wear this print, as well as my Instagram muses below.

Fall Fashion - Long Cardigans

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, November 09, 2020
People may be starting to put up their Christmas decorations, but for me, the holiday season doesn't officially kick off until after Thanksgiving. That means, it's still fall in my books. Continuing my Fall Fashion series, I'm sharing a trend I'm seeing everywhere - long cardigans. As part of my sister photoshoot earlier in the season, my sister and I both bought different versions: hers was a long duster, mine was a shorter lace style. Check out some of my favorite photos from that shoot, as well as where to purchase your very own long cardigans.

My October Recap

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, November 02, 2020
October was a month filled with beautiful weather and changing leaves. Fall is my favorite season and we were graced with a true autumn in Chicago this year. I'm excited to enjoy another month of crisp air, but first, it's time to recap October.

Fall Fashion: Wide Brim Hats

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, October 26, 2020
I'm not going to lie to you - hats intimidate me. I don't know what it is, but whenever I wear one, I always feel like I'm trying too hard. This season, however, I've been seeing wide-brim hats all over Instagram and fell in love. When my sister was visiting earlier this month, we both decided to take the plunge and bought new hats. The plan was to have a mini sister photo-shoot while she was here, which seemed like the perfect time to try our hats out. Below is a snapshot of some of our photos, as well as style inspiration and the best hats to shop on the web.

Fall Fashion: Knit Sweaters

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, October 19, 2020
Fall has officially arrived in Chicago and I'm so excited! I don't know about you, but as soon as the air gets crisp and the leaves start to change, I want to start singing "Sweater Weather" (if you know, you know). Which leads us to today's post - sweaters! I love fall fashion because it can be so effortless. Throw on jeans and a cute sweater, and you are good to go. 

Fall Fashion: White after Labor Day

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, October 08, 2020
A couple weekends ago, a group of friends and I met for brunch at Hampton Social. One-by-one, we each showed up, all wearing white. It was quite the coincidence! It got me thinking about the "no white after Labor Day" rule. White is one of my favorite shades to wear, so I've never shied away from wearing it come September.
Inspired by our brunch coincidence, I'm officially kicking off my month of Fall Fashion with my favorite pieces, all in beautiful shades of white.

Month in Photos - September

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, October 05, 2020
 It's officially fall and I'm so excited! October is always one of my favorite months and I just have a feeling this one is going to be great. But, before we officially kick-off this month, it's time to recap September. 

Labor Day Weekend in Chicago

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, September 10, 2020
My Labor Day Weekend was so fun! My best friend who moved to Texas a year ago came to visit, which was so nice. We saw each other briefly in June when we were both in South Carolina, but it was the first time we've spent solid time together since February (boo Covid). The weekend was the perfect combination of going out with friends and staying in, exercising and pampering. Read all about it below.

Month in Photos - August

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, September 02, 2020
 This past month has been one of the most hectic work-months of the three years I've been at my company (which is why I've been a little MIA on the blog). I was put on a global project, which was a great opportunity, but took up so many hours. There were a couple weeks where my average workday was 13 hours - crazy! I will say, that just made the weekends that much sweeter. I've now been in my new apartment for about a month and a half and am feeling more and more settled. I bought some new furniture, unpacked the rest of my boxes, and made this place my home.

Month in Photos - July

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, August 06, 2020
Can anyone believe that it's already August!? I honestly can't. This year has been both the fastest and slowest year of my life. Thankfully, Chicago has opened up a bit, so I've been lucky to see my friends more often. The most exciting thing that happened this month, however, was moving into my new place. I only moved a couple blocks away, but love my new apartment SO MUCH. It has an incredible view, the perfect layout, and great amenities. I'm slowly unpacking and making the place my own, which is so fun. You can catch a sneak peek of my place below!

Summer Trend: Loungewear

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, July 20, 2020
One of the best things to come out of quarantine is the loungewear trend. Gone are the days of dressing up for work; instead, we're rocking comfort. I've started purchasing more fashionable loungewear so that I feel somewhat put together for both work and running errands. Most of my finds have come from Target and Loft, but I've also had luck at Costco and Gap. Below, I've rounded up some of my favorites, including those I've already purchased and ones that are sitting in my shopping cart.

Shop My Apartment

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, July 16, 2020
On Monday, I gave you a tour of my apartment, and today, I'm helping you shop it! I spent a lot of time figuring out just how I wanted my apartment to feel. I've always been drawn to crisp homes, so knew I wanted to create that atmosphere, but in a home-y way. I chose to carry different shades of blue (navy, light, turquoise), pops of white, and hints of gold and pink throughout the different rooms. The blues and white offered the cool crisp feel I loved, while the pink helped infuse some warmth. About half of my decor came from scouring different HomeGoods, while the rest was found online. I wanted some pieces that were functional, and others that were visually appealing. It took a while to find all the items to finish off my home, but I'm so glad I took my time because I absolutely love how it turned out.

My Apartment Tour

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, July 13, 2020
I have officially lived in my apartment for a full year, and in six days, I'll be leaving it. This was my first solo apartment in Chicago after living with friends in Bucktown, so it was a big deal. Not only was I going to live alone for the first time, but I was moving to South Loop to be closer to downtown. I brought a few items from my old apartment, but more or less started from scratch when I moved. I've always been drawn to blues, so decided that it would be the cornerstone of my decor, flowing throughout the apartment.

Today, before I leave what has been an incredible apartment, I'm giving you a tour.

June in South Carolina

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, July 09, 2020
Last month, I was lucky enough to travel to South Carolina to visit my sister and brother-in-law. I hadn't seen them since their wedding in February, so was definitely due for a visit. On past trips, we've been able to explore Charleston, going shopping and eating out. This trip was a little different due to the pandemic - there was a lot more time spent at home, rather than exploring. Flying there, my mom and I wore our masks from the minute we stepped into the airport to the minute we stepped out in Charleston. It was a very strange travel day, but so thankful safety measures were put in place to allow us to visit. The best part about our trip, though, was that my entire family got to be together for three days. We were there over Fathers Day, so my dad flew in for the weekend. It was so nice to have all of us together!

Month in Photos - June

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, July 02, 2020
Well, guys, we made it another month. It feels like we should have a mini celebration every time we make it through another month of 2020. Thankfully, June was a much busier month for me than others. Chicago started opening outdoor patios, I was able to visit my sister and brother-in-law in Charleston, and of course, I spent extra time with my pups at my parents' house. Catch up on this months' blog posts and how I spent my month below.

Casual Red, White, & Blue Fashion

in , , by Lavender Elizabeth, June 29, 2020
This Fourth of July is going to look a little different than in years past. We may not be out on the lake, watching fireworks, and having big bashes, but that doesn't mean we can't celebrate. My family is having a backyard BBQ and my friends and I are enjoying a picnic on the river - simple, but fun. If you're doing something similar, but still want to be festive, I've got you covered! Below are nine casual outfits you can easily throw together for a great Fourth of July look.

Tropical Cocktail Popsicles

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, June 26, 2020
Last week, in honor of the first official day of summer, I shared my first batch of popsicle recipes. They were filled with the classics: mojito, margarita, moscow mule, cosmopolitan, and paloma. Today, I'm taking us on vacation with the best tropical cocktails. You'll find popsicle recipes perfect for pool parties, a day at the beach, or just some fun in the sun.

Shopping: Pretty in Pink

in , , by Lavender Elizabeth, June 23, 2020
I'm currently in Charleston visiting my sister and brother-in-law, which means I'm surrounded by color. From Rainbow Row to swim trunks - blues, pinks, and yellows are everywhere. Pink is one of my favorites, especially the houses and flowers that helped inspire today's post.

A couple of years ago, I created a post all about shopping the best yellow finds on the web. To date, it's still one of my favorite fashion and home decor round ups. In honor of National Pink Day and my favorite Charleston color, I'm bringing it back. Below, find all the best pink finds online, including those in hot pink, blush, and bubble gum.

Classic Cocktail Popsicles

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, June 18, 2020
Summer has officially arrived in Chicago! Restaurant patios are opening up, the sunshine is out, and the shorts are unpacked. One of my favorite ways to cool down during the summer is with fruity popsicles and classic cocktails. Today - I'm combining them for the best of both worlds.

Month in Photos - May

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, June 08, 2020
This Month in Photos feels different than previous ones. In the past two weeks, our country has been going through something that will go down in history. Living in Chicago, I've seen firsthand the protests that have been occurring and the change that is being demanded. I've also spent the last week reading and educating myself on the Black Lives Matter movement, which has been eye-opening. I truly feel that this generation is the one that's going to change things - this is just the beginning.


May was filled with the first sight of warm weather, a lot of coloring, and finally seeing my friends in person.

Month in Photos - April

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, May 07, 2020
April was a strange month. Chicago has been in a "shelter in place" order since the middle of March, so staying home has been the top priority. Thankfully, my parents only live an hour from me, so I've been able to split my time between my apartment and their house. Living alone during this has been somewhat lonely, so I've loved spending the off-weeks with my parents and pups. Over the course of the month, I've been spending time with friends (virtually), coloring my Johanna Basford's books, and trying to enjoy this season of stillness. Take a peak into my month-from-home below.

My Stay Home Essentials

by Lavender Elizabeth, April 27, 2020
We are in a very strange time in the world right now. Illinois has officially extended the "Shelter-in-Place" order until the end of May. It's hard to believe that we've already been home for six weeks and have a minimum of five to go. Over the past month, I've been working to keep myself busy, as well as take care of my mind and body. To help you over the next few weeks, I thought I'd share the items that have been key to my well-being through all of this. From my favorite sweats to the best tea, all my essentials are below.

Month in Photos - March

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, April 08, 2020
Last month started and ended very differently. Up until March 20, life was going on as normal - I went out with friends and worked in the office. Then the governor announced a "stay at home" ordinance and all of that stopped. For me, I had started that regimen March 12, as I ended up coming down with strep throat, a sinus affection, and a low-grade flu, all in one week. When I recovered, I didn't think I'd be finishing out the month cooped up in my apartment. Take a look below to see how I slowly adapted to sheltering in place.

A Very Flannel Galentine's Brunch

in , , by Lavender Elizabeth, March 31, 2020
To cap off Women's History Month, I'm sharing all about one of my favorite ways to celebrate women: Galentine's Day! This past February was my third annual Galentine's party. Each year, I try out something new: the first year was a slumber party, last year was a Favorite Things Party, and this year was all about flannel and brunch. We continued on the tradition of our favorite things, but switched up the other elements. All the details of our Galentine's Brunch are below.

Weekends Away in Austin

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, March 29, 2020
This time today, I was supposed to be sitting poolside in Las Vegas with friends, but obviously, the world had other plans. Traveling is one of my favorite things to do, so I'm currently sitting at home reminiscing on past adventures. Over the past four months, I've taken two trips to visit my best friend in Austin. The first time, I went solo and the second, two girlfriends joined. Both trips included new parts of Austin to explore, plus some true favorites. If you're planning for the next time you can travel, my complete itineraries are below.

Shopping Finds: Spring Florals

in , , by Lavender Elizabeth, March 19, 2020
Happy First Day of Spring!

One of my favorite things about spring is all the flowers that begin to bloom. I live across from Grant Park and I can't wait to walk through it, experiencing all the colorful blooms. Since I can't always be outdoors surrounded by the beauty, I love bringing florals indoors through my wardrobe and decor. They add just the right amount of pattern, while also adding springtime colors. In honor of the first day of spring, I'm sharing some of my favorite floral finds, including cute dresses, tea towels, and jean jackets. Enjoy my favorite shopping finds below.

Month in Photos - February

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, March 16, 2020
February was such a blur! We started off the month showering my sister with a tea party themed afternoon and ended with her amazing wedding. In between, I traveled to Pennsylvania, Texas, and of course, South Carolina, both for work and play. It was truly a wonderful month spent celebrating with family, enjoying Chicago in the winter, and visiting with friends. Below is a peak into my February.

Month in Photos - January

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, February 18, 2020
Now that we've caught up on 2019's final Month in Photos post, it's time for the first of 2020. The beginning of the year started out with sickness, but ended with fun wedding festivities for my sister. I traveled to Tennessee to celebrate her bachelorette party and she travelled to Illinois for her bridal shower. It's hard to believe we're less than a week away from her wedding!

January's fun is below.

Month in Photos - December

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, February 12, 2020
Hello all! I have been a little MIA around here due to illness. The first three weeks of the New Year were spent on the couch, complete with an inhaler, cough drops, and kleenex. All this to say, I'm playing a little Lavender Elizabeth catch-up. One of my favorite series on the blog are my Month in Photos installments. It may be the second week of February, but I'm sharing the month of December. It was a crazy month filled with holiday festivities, a wedding, and a New York City adventure. Look below for how I spent my last month of 2019.

2019 in Review

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, January 06, 2020
This last year was filled with travel, friendship, and venturing out on my own. Between personal and work trips, I traveled somewhere at least once a month (and in most cases, twice a month), while balancing time spent with family and friends. Below, I'm recapping this crazy/fun year with some of my favorite moments of 2019.

2019 in Review