Moving Series // Why We Chose Bucktown

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, August 27, 2018
This past weekend was my move into the city! I've shared why I chose Chicago and today, I'm sharing why I (along with my roommates) chose the neighborhood of Bucktown.

1. Proximity to work. Although there are three of us, we'll be commuting to five different places. We all set the precedent that we didn't want to drive longer than an hour to each of our locations, which landed us in the Logan Square community.

2. The neighborhood feel. Coming from the suburbs, we didn't want to go for a full downtown-vibe, but still wanted to be close. Bucktown is the perfect place for our transition. It has big trees and a true neighborhood feel, but also has bars around the corner and constant activity.

3. Recommendations. We have two friends who have lived in Bucktown for a year and they love it! When we started talking about western Chicago, they told us all these incredible things about their area and we were sold. Plus, now we're only a short walk away from two amazing ladies!

4. It's popularity. Bucktown is still considered an up-and-coming neighborhood within Chicago. The apartments are nice, but still affordable, and new things are constantly coming. It's trendy, without being overcrowded.

We're a week in and loving it!
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