Gift Guide for the Crafter

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, December 15, 2020
I can't wait to share the next 2020 gift guide with you today! Despite being a very analytical person, I love to flex my creative side, which is where my love for crafting started. Between scrapbooking throughout high school and learning calligraphy a couple years ago, I found a way to tap into that side of myself.
Below,  you'll find all the gifts perfect for the crafter in your life. Happy shopping!

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1. A craft book filled with creative ideas.
2. A new Cricut for paper crafting.
3. A fun card-making kit.
4. A calligraphy how-to book, complete with practice sheets.
5. A stamp set to ink envelopes, planners, and more.
6. A pretty paint-by-number.
8. A mini sewing machine.
9. A set of Tombow dual brushes for calligraphy.
10. A unique set of washi tape.
12. A colorful paint set.
13. A one-stop-shop craft organizer.
14. A mini paper pack for paper crafts.
15. A sparkly craft ornament.

Shop more options below!

Craft Book


 Card Making Kit

Calligraphy Book

Stamp Set


Jewelry Making Tools

Mini Sewing Machine

Tombow Dual Brush Pens

Washi Tape Set

Embroidery Set

Paint Set
Craft Organizer

Paper Pack

Craft Ornament

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Happy gifting!
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