Gift Guide for the Pandemic

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, December 14, 2020
After reviewing past gift guides, it's officially time to kick off the 2020 Gift Guide season! The first gift guide is to commemorate and honor this past year. We've all been through a lot these last several months living through a pandemic and experiencing something I never thought I'd see in my lifetime. There was a toilet paper shortage, people washed their hands more than ever, and we found new ways to entertain ourselves while staying home. Below, you'll find gifts perfect for the pandemic, including things for your health, pastimes, and little things to remind us of the more optimistic beginning of quarantine.

1. An ornament to commemorate this crazy year.
2. A sweet sign reminding us to stay home.
3. A puzzle to pass the time.
4. Pretty hand soap to continually wash our hands.
5. And of course, hand sanitizer, for a quick clean.
6. A tie dye sweatsuit to pay homage to the springtime trend.
7. A desk calendar so we never forget what day it is.
8. A forehead thermometer to stay on top of our health.
9. A piece of tiger print clothing to remind us of the Tiger King days.
10. A hand mixer to participate in the whipped coffee TikTok trend.
11. A decorative toilet paper holder to get through the TP shortage.
12. A plush dog bed for our happiest members of the quarantine team.
13. A fancy loaf pan to bake all different types of bread.
14. A piece of Schitt's Creek memorabilia to celebrate the best Netflix binge.
15. A cute chain to accessorize our masks.
Shop more options below!
2020 Ornament

Home Sign

Hand Soap

Hand Sanitizer

Tie Dye Sweats
Desk Calendar
Tiger King Nostalgia
Hand Mixers

Toilet Paper Holder
Dog Beds
Loaf Pan

Schitt's Creek Memorabilia
Mask Chains
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Happy gifting!
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