Gift Guide for the Homebody

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, December 08, 2019
This gift guide was made for me. While I love going out and experiencing new things, there's nothing like being home. Now that I'm in my own own place, cozy nights in are some of my favorites. Comfy pants, a candle burning, working on my laptop - there's nothing better. Below, I've rounded up items for you to gift your favorite homebodies. I may need to gift some of them to myself this Christmas!

1. Puzzle - A simple activity to start and stop throughout the day.
2. Fleece Sweater - The coziest of sweaters to keep warm this winter.
3. Bath Salts & Bubble Bath - A soak in lavender will make all their worries disappear.
4. Cozy Pants - How cute are these wine-patterned ones!?
5. Kettle - A night in isn't complete without a hot cup of tea.
6. Slippers - Soft lining make them that much more comfortable (also, these slippers are name "Ansley!").
7. TV Show Print - Showcase their favorite TV show with a special watercolor print. (I have Monica's apartment hanging above my couch!)
8. Incense - Fill their home with a warm scent.
9. Lap Desk - I use mine to work on my laptop all the time.
10. Laptop Case - Dress up their laptop with a fun and creative case.
11. Wine Glasses - These are the perfect pink hue. 
12. Backrest Pillow - All the support and comfort they could need.

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What items do you recommend for the homebody?
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