Light and Bright Bedroom Reveal

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, January 21, 2018
Back in July, I began redesigning my bedroom at my parents' house. While living here, I wanted to make sure I had a space that was my own. I wanted something light, bright, and fresh. My inspiration came from a watercolor print by Union Shore. From it, I drew on the colors blush and light blue, with accents of gold. Last month, I finally finished my bedroom and I am so happy with it.

If you want a refresher on my inspiration, click here.


My Aynsley China collection. I've been collecting items from this designer since I was little (it's where my name came from), so finally having a place to display it is amazing. Later this week, I'll be sharing some of my favorite pieces and the stories behind them on the blog.

My pillows. It took me so long to find pillows that fit my vision, but now that I have them, I'm glad I took my time. The best part? I was able to buy two pillows with the print from my initial inspiration. The rest of my pillows all came from HomeGoods.

My gallery wall. I love having so many unique frames filled with those I love.

My jewelry cabinet. This was my Mom's old jewelry case, which I painted with chalk paint in Serene. I then replaced the knobs with crystal to add some glamour.


Unique frames in white, gold, and blue. The floral world print is from Etsy site Moss + Twig Prints - perfect for a fellow traveler.

Lamps from HomeGoods with unique bases. I love the shape of my pink ones and the striped effect of my gold one.

Lettered Philippians 4:8 print from Etsy shop Printable Wisdom over my jewelry case. I love being greeted with this beautiful reminder every time I pick out my jewelry.

My gold mirror is my favorite! It's exactly what I pictured when I went looking for a mirror - and it was only $35 at Ross!

The gold and crystal knobs on my nightstand tables are from Hobby Lobby. I chose these to match the ones on my jewelry cabinet (both from Amazon). 

I absolutely love how everything turned out. It truly is my own little oasis.
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