The Reason Why I Wear a Purity Ring

by Lavender Elizabeth, August 29, 2017
"A purity ring is kind of like baptism in that it's an outward example of an inward commitment."

Four years ago today, I started wearing a purity ring. And yes, if you're doing the math, that made me 21. It's not exactly common to see a 21-year old make that kind of choice. It was bold, but something I felt very called to do. I'm often asked why I chose to wear one at 21 and why I continue to wear it at 25. Today, I've decided to share with you the reasons I wear a purity ring through two prayers I made four years ago.

From the night I made my decision:

August 23, 2013

Dearest Lord,

For a while now, I've been thinking about my physical boundaries within a relationship and what it means to respect and serve you in that way. Last night on my way home from Ian's, I got an overwhelming feeling that I needed something tangible to show my decision to wait for all physical interaction (outside of kissing) and I still feel that way. Lord, I've decided to wear a purity ring in honor of you and that commitment. You've truly shown me your faithfulness, love, and grace, and I want something close to my heart to always remind me of that.

In your honorable name,

The prayer I made over my ring the night I began wearing it:

August 29, 2013

Dearest Lord,

I bought my purity ring today and I love it!

When I wear this ring, I want it to give me a sense of peace and be a reminder that I'm loved. When I look at it, I'll be reminded of the promise that I'm making to you tonight. I'll feel grounded in Christ and in the grace you have for me.

Tonight, I promise this to you: I will remain pure until I'm married. For me, this purity means anything physical past kissing. All things that I've done in the past are not forgotten, but are a reminder of what I don't want to do in another relationship. This ring will remind me of that, along with the clean slate that begins with this ring. I promise to give all my sexual and impure wants to you so that I can overcome them through you. This is my promise to you, Lord.

Whoever the man is that you've chosen for me, please be with him. Allow him to rely on you through his own struggles and to remember your overwhelming grace and forgiveness.

As Psalms 51:10 says, "Create in me a clean heart, O God; renew a steadfast spirit within me."

In your name,

Four years later and I'm still just as sure of my decision. Each day, I look down at my hand and am reminded of the grace Christ has shown me. I know that I'm taken care of and that I'm saving something incredibly special for my husband. I'm proud of my choice.

Happy four years, ring!
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