25 Things To Do at 25

by Lavender Elizabeth, August 07, 2017
Today, I am officially 25 ½, so in honor of my half birthday, I'm sharing my 25 at 25 list. If you've been reading this blog for a while, you know that I'm really into lists! There's something so fun about having a set of goals to complete and, of course, checking them off. Today's list is everything I want to complete before I turn 26. Some things I've already started checking off, others I still have to finish within these next six months. Without further ado, here is my list of 25 Things To Do at 25!

Rent a car (without the added under-25 fee).

Start saving for my retirement.

Take a trip to another country.

Find a form of exercise I actually enjoy.

Practice being charitable.

Live alone for the first time.

Start a career I'm passionate about.

Get my own medical insurance, a part from my parents.

Learn to cook at least three meals that are staples in my diet.

Find a community of women to do life with.

Spend a week in California visiting my friends.

Drink water everyday.

Learn to play a new game.

Go to a dermatologist to get my moles mapped.

Spend more time outdoors.

Continue to invest in growing Southern Magnolias.

Consolidate my closet to reflect my current style.

Keep a prayer journal.

Decorate a space to truly make it my own.

Check off books from Christian "Must Read" list.

Take a weekend trip to a new city.

Continue to build up my savings.

Curate my Instagram and build up my blog.

Attend a minimum of five concerts.

Visit my endocrinologist and gastroenterologist.

Anything you think should be added to my list?
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