What I'm Loving this Month // September

by Lavender Elizabeth, September 30, 2018
September is officially coming to a close, which means it's time to review what I loved this month. From new TV to beauty products, it's all below.

Premiere Month
So many of my shows came back this month! All three Chicago shows, the Good Doctor, the Resident, Big Bang Theory! It's been a great month of TV.

Naked Palette
If you haven't heard, the original Naked palette is being discontinued (I know - so sad!). The benefit - they're currently 50% off! I'm been loving rediscovering the eyeshadow colors in this palette.

Rooftop Bars
A benefit of living in Chicago is all of the cool places to explore. This month, we found some fun rooftop bars with some amazing views!

Express Sales
I may have bought 7 pairs of jeans from Express this month. They had a Labor Day sale where their jeans were 40-50% off, so I took full advantage of it!

Sister Time
I was able to see my sister a lot this month. From being in Urbana for a career fair and her coming down to Naperville, we were able to spend some special quality time together.

Tell me: what did you love this month?
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