My Non-Stop Chicago Weekend

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, July 11, 2019
I made a promise to myself this summer that I'd explore more of Chicago. From eating at new restaurants to trying different activities, I wanted this season to be one for the books. Back in May, a group of girls and I bought tickets to two different events: a sangria fest and rooftop yoga. Thankfully, we were finally blessed with some warm weather, so it turned out to be perfect timing. The other big ticket item that occurred? Chicago's Pride Parade! I brought my friend, Dana, along for the fun and trust me, it was so fun!

These three events made for one epic weekend!

It was girls' night out at the Shore Club for a night of sangria tasting. It wasn't just your typical berry sangria, but unique ingredients like chocolate, melon, banana, apple, and kiwi. My favorite that we tried was definitely the peach sangria. The event lasted just over three hours, so afterwards, we headed to dinner at Broken English and then dancing at Lotties.

Planning a morning workout the night after a sangria fest was an interesting idea, but we made it. Streeterville Social has a beautiful view of the city, making for a perfect backdrop to our workout. It was a relaxing class, but also hard work. Afterwards, we took advantage of our location and had brunch on their outdoor patio.

Working for the company that owns Smirnoff definitely has its perks! Each year, Smirnoff has a bus in Chicago's Pride Parade and this year, I was finally able to attend. We road throughout the parade, cheering for love and promoting Smirnoff pride. About halfway through the parade, the skies completely opened up and it poured. I've never been happier to wear a rain poncho. ;)

The weekend after this was just as packed, from Fourth of July pool parties to dancing the night away at Tao.
I can't wait to share all the fun with you!
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