Color Wheel: Past, Present, & Fuchsia

by Lavender Elizabeth, April 08, 2015
Wednesday's are officially Color Wheel Wednesday! Each week I'll show you one of two things: a new color or a new color palette! This week is a single, bright colour: fuchsia!

Color Wheel: Fuchsia

Light pink and fuchsia macaroons.
Bright fuchsia bridesmaids.
Walk the fuchsia carpet to your wedded bliss.
Fuchsia floral archway.
Fuchsia boutonnieres with ribbon.
Fuchsia flowers in golden pots.
Bright bouquet.
Bow-tiful fuchsia heels.
Glittered bridesmaids envelopes.
A ruffle ombre cake.
Petal outlined invitation.

Is this bright color in your fuchsia?

For more, check out my Pinterest board: Colour Wheel: Pink.
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