Real Couple: Meet the Merriotts

by Lavender Elizabeth, May 07, 2015
Today marks the beginning of a new Thursday tradition featuring real couples. Each month, a different couple will be featured, and each week, a different aspect of their lives will be showcased. This week starts with getting to know the couple, which will then be followed by their proposal story, engagement photos & planning thoughts, and then finally, their wedding day.

Without further ado, meet the Merriots!

I've known this couple since they first started dating my freshmen year of high school, over eight years ago. They are the couple everyone wishes to be. Kiley and Dan spent most of their time dating long-distance. After a year and a half together, Dan left for school down in San Diego while Kiley finished high school in San Jose. Once graduated, Kiley joined Dan in southern California, but at UCLA, over two hours away. Once Dan graduated, he headed back to San Jose where he stayed for a year before starting medical school in New Orleans. To say the least, these two stood by each other with many miles between them, constantly growing in their love for one another.

When they became engaged, our group of friends were over the moon! They are so meant to be man and wife. God knew exactly what he was doing when he thought up these two people to be together. With their constant love and laughter, these two will have nothing but a happy life together.

Enjoy getting to know this incredible couple and check back next week to hear all about the proposal!

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