Color Wheel: Falling Black Into Love

by Lavender Elizabeth, October 21, 2015
{Countdown to Halloween}

Color Wheel: Black

/ Black bridal gown. / Black and white cocktail table. / Classic black tux. / Bowtie escort cards. / "Trust me you can dance" sign. / Black ceremony decor. / Watercolor save-the-date. / Black on black invitations. / Floral accented cake. / Gold and black place setting. / Black diamond earrings. / Dancing engagement photos. / "You're my greatest adventure" guestbook globe. / Black infused bouquet. /

/ Black-accented bouquet. / Black swan inspired bridal gown. / Black cake on gold stand. / Signs to line the aisle. / The perfect bar. / Unique engagement ring. / Black lace bridesmaids. / Butterfly guestbook. / Cityscape engagement photos with balloons. / Beautiful ceremony decorated in black. / Black tie groomsmen. / Black tablecloth with gold details. / Chalkboard and floral invitations. /

Will you be falling black into love with this color?
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