My Prayer for this Season of Life

by Lavender Elizabeth, May 03, 2018
Prayer is such a big piece in developing your relationship with God. It gives time to speak to Him directly, allowing you to share your innermost feelings with Him. Today is the National Day of Prayer, so I encourage you to set some time aside to speak to Him. Allow yourself to dive into your relationship and connect.

Today, I'm sharing my prayer for this season of life.

Dearest Lord,

Thank you for allowing us to connect with you on such a personal level. You're the Almighty, but still take time to speak to us individually. Your love pours out into each facet of our lives, and this is just one example of that.

Lord, there are a lot of changes that are slowly hitting my family in the coming months. I'm moving to the city and out of my parents' house in the summer, which means my parents will return to empty nesters. It'll be an adjustment for all of us, but I know it will be hardest on my mom. Please be with her as we go forward with these changes, reminding her that I'm still close to home. The other big change revolves around Bethany and her fiancé. They are in the midst of planning their lives together, with a lot of things still up in the air. The uncertainty is so hard on them, so please continue to remind them that it's all in your hands and everything will work out as it should.

Lord, I am forever grateful for the friends that you've placed in my life. Despite moving so often, you've allowed me to foster friendships that will last a lifetime. We are all hitting different stages of life at different times - some are married, some parents, some starting new adventures, and some in stages of consistency. Despite all of this, we've remained close. Please allow that to continue, giving us opportunities to support and care for one another. Please also allow me to continue to foster the new friendships that are developing in my life. I'm so lucky to have found this group and can't wait to see how you use them in my life.

Lord, moving can be stressful. Although we're not moving for another few months, the planning has started. Please allow us to have a seamless transition. There's four of us coming together to live for the first time, so there will be a time of adjustment. Please help us to find the best place to start our lives in Chicago. Give us clarity on where to put down roots, helping us move from the suburbs to the city.

Lord, I am so thankful that you led me to the job that I'm in. There were a lot of questions about where you wanted me, but I know that this was it. Please allow me to work hard and take chances. I want to thrive in my role, but I can only do that with your help. I want to glorify You in everything I do, so please give me opportunities to let you shine through my job.

Lord, you gave me the strangest of bodies, however, this body led me to you. Through all of the doctor appointments, tests, and medication changes, you guided me. I will forever be grateful for this illness for allowing your grace to shine through it. Although I've been feeling better for the past few months, every now and again I have days where everything hits and I'm transported back to the beginning. Please help me take care of my body. I'm hoping that working out and eating better will allow my medication to work in a more consistent manner. I want to feel my best, with less nausea each day. Please keep my body strong as I work to put my health first.

Lord, thank you for all of the changes that are happening right now. Between starting a new job and moving, my sister getting married, and so many little things happening, it could be a very stressful time. But thankfully, I have you. You're continually there for me to lean on and express myself to. How lucky am I to have that? Please help me to glorify your kingdom in everything I do, from the little things to the big things.

In your loving name,

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