Moving Series // Why I Chose Chicago

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, July 26, 2018

In three weeks, I'm making the move from the suburbs to the city! When I accepted my job offer back in March, I also made the decision to move. I knew that as soon as I had a full time offer, I would move back out of my parents' house, I just wasn't sure where. After much consideration, I decided on Chicago.

I'm not exactly what you'd call a city girl, so when I told my family I'd landed on Chicago, they were surprised. To be honest, I'm still kind of shocked that I'm moving there. But, I'm also really excited.

There are so many things about Chicago that I'm looking forward to. The biggest thing is the constant parade of things to do. From Farmer's Markets to festivals; boat tours to unique shops - I know I won't be bored. Exploring new things and discovering hidden gems are two things I love most.

The other benefit is the proximity to friends, as well as new people. At the age I'm at, so many people live downtown. Not only do I have current friends that live a few blocks from my new place, but people from work. There's also so many new people to meet as I explore new parts of the city. I've always been someone who loves having large groups of friends and I just know that I'll have that in the city.

August 1 we get the keys to our new place. August 10 we start moving in. August 18 we're home. I can't wait.
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