Weekend Recap // Kristina's Wedding

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, August 06, 2018
Last month, I flew to Portland for one of my high school best friends' bachelorette parties; this past weekend, I returned to watch her marry her forever love. I had the most amazing weekend, but let me tell you, it was a rough start.

My flight was supposed to leave Chicago at 5:30. Slowly, the flight continually got delayed due to a missing flight attendant. We ended up being delayed two hours, meaning our pilots could no longer fly, leading to the cancellation of my flight. The catch - there were no other flights to Portland that night and no seats left on any flights the next day that would get me there in time for the wedding. A lot of possibilities later, I ended up flying into San Francisco. Sadly, that flight was also delayed. In order to make it to the wedding, I had to leave for Portland from Sacramento. Therefore, when I landed after midnight, I rented a car and drove to Sacramento, not arriving until 2:45am (4:45 in my CST body). I was wiped.

The benefit of my flight woes - I was able to spend some time with one of my best friends, Clara, who lives in Sacramento. It was a short visit, with only a quick breakfast, but was still so nice. My flight to Portland was on time, so I made it there by noon. I spent the rest of the afternoon with another high school best friend, Daphne, and her boyfriend, David. We sat around and talked, catching up on each others' lives. Then, it was wedding time!

Watching Kristina marry Eli was surreal. I've known this girl for 11 years and watched her relationship with Eli blossom into something incredible. As they were saying their vows, you could see all of the joy and love between them. Two of my other high school friends and their wives were also in attendance, which was great. I hadn't seen either of them in a couple of years, so it was fun to spend the evening together. We ate, we danced, and we celebrated the newly married couple.

Sunday was the best! We woke up and headed to brunch in Vancouver, WA, where we were staying. From there, we went antiquing! I'm always on the hunt for Aynsley china to add to my collection, so it was fun searching through all the store had to offer. For lunch, we met up with the same group from the wedding. We had lunch at Daily Cafe and then went for dessert at Salt & Straw. It's amazing how so much time had passed since seeing them, but we just fell right back into our friendship. Still so thankful for my high school group.

Although my trip started out a little rocky, I truly had the best weekend. Watching a best friend get married and spending time with old friends - does it get any better?

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