101 List: Take a Girls' Trip

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, April 05, 2012

Who: Marie, Clara, Emma, Izzy, and I
What: Take a Trip with the Girls
Where: Laguna Beach
When: March 28-31, 2012
From: 101 List #1

Day #1: Drive down (with Emma, Marie, and Izzy - I drove) and the Beach at Sunset
The five of us :)
Beautiful Sunset!
Slightly awkward, but I love it!
Model Lunges 
Yah, Emma's a cutie :] 
My Roommates
My beautiful Marie 
Loving the beach!
Chi-O Til I Die Yo

Day #2: Beach Day, Sprinkles, and Dinner at Fashion Island
Stuck in Jail
Orange Bathing Suits
Emma's a hottie! 
Smiley :) 
New Shirt and Hat :) 
Hunger Games 
Heels at Fashion Island
My beautiful Shrimp

Day #3: Out for Breakfast, Driving Tour of Laguna, Beach, Boardwalk, and Visiting Camille
Sunglass Lovin 
Jumping Love 
We slowly add more clothing... 
Clara always gives me piggy back rides :)
On the boardwalk 
Time to play chess.
Emma's too cute! 
Clara & Emma: ready for the play; Me: ready for Camille!
Camille's puppy: Poppy <3
We became friends.
I've missed my  beautiful Camille!

Day #4: Driving back to San Jose
Completely jam-packed in the back of the car. 
And jam-packed in the front!
Izzy takes pictures of me while I drive...
We had the most incredible trip together full of laughs, movies, late-nights, and sunshine! The perfect way to celebrate a quarter finished, while relaxing before beginning another!
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