Spring Bid Day: The Official Day Clara Became a XΩ

by Lavender Elizabeth, April 16, 2012
Who: Chi Omega: Omicron Kappa Chapter
What: Spring Bid Day
Where: Woodstock's Pizza
When: April 14, 2012

Recruitment Week:
Day #2: Shannon (Emma's Big), Emma, me, and Natalie (my Adoptive Big)
Day #3: Pref Night with Kate
me, Lauren, Shannon, Hemmi, and Meg 
I love my Emma!
Had an incredible time during Spring Recruitment! The surprise of the night was Clara showing up for Pref! The three of us (Emma, Marie, and myself) were so excited! She had a great time and got her bid that night. <3

She wore the perfect dress for Pref Night!

Bid Day at Woodstock's Pizza:
Marie, me, and Clara
My Little, Michelle
My Twin's Little, Jacqueline
My hair twin, Jacqueline
Emma, me, Marie, Meghan, Kelsey, Danielle, Bridget, and Jessica 
My favourite picture of the day! 
Our beautiful new hooties! 
The Five of Us! <3 
The Adorable Kelsey
Bid Day was definitely a success! I had such a great day with all of our new hooties, eating pizza, taking pictures, and talking like crazy! I have beautiful, amazing sisters! <3
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