Goals: June 2012 Update

by Lavender Elizabeth, July 05, 2012

Get at least a 2.5 GPA for Spring quarter.
Calculus kicked my butt; I failed it. This led to getting below a 2.5, which is so sad! But it led to my decision that I'm in the wrong major, so something sure came of it!

Go on a road-trip with Daphne and Kristina to Oregon.
This was SO MUCH FUN! We took 13 hours to drive to Eugene from San Jose, stopping in fun little places and then spent 4 days there with Kristina before driving home.

Catch up on my Daily Reflection devotionals.
I tried to do this, but it just didn't go that well. I would really love to spend time just reading my devotionals and truly immerse myself in the teachings of the Word.

Go paintballing with friends.
Also didn't do this. I'm planning on finding a weekend to finally do this, though! I've already bought the tickets!

Send 5 postcards via postcrossing.com.
Did this! I wrote to 5 different people in 5 different countries! Totally cool!

Start reading again.
I bought 3 books at Powell's books in Portland, but have yet to read them. I've been reading an insane amount for my summer classes, though! That kind of counts, right?

Bake something new.
DID THIS! In fact, I baked two new things! Kristina, Daphne, and I spent a rainy day baking - we had a blast and they were super yummy treats!

Take my sister out for a congratulatory afternoon.
Haven't done this either, however, plan on making an invitation to take her out for later in the month.

Host a high school reunion with my friends.
Kind of had this. I've seen everyone but one person who is home for the summer, but have only seen them in small groups. I've planned a beach trip for Friday, though, so I planned it in June but am accomplishing it in July.

Clean out my closet/room and donate all unused items.
I got rid of so many clothes! My closet is all organized by colour and it looks so pretty. My room, however, looks like a bomb went off. I plan on fixing that, though.
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