Reflection: 10 Facts About Me

by Lavender Elizabeth, July 19, 2012
I've had this idea saved on my computer for more than a month, and I'm finally going to start it! A few months ago I did the 30 day photo challenge and totally enjoyed myself, so when I found this on Pretty Random Things, I knew I had to try it!

So what is it you ask? 60 Days of Reflection! It's 60 days full of questions and photos to share with your readers. I, myself, love this kind of thing!

And so it begins...

Day 1: Photo of yourself with 10 facts!

1. I am completely obsessed with earrings! Anytime I go into Forever 21, I can't help but head straight to the jewelry section to scope out the best earrings. I just recently bought this earring holder that holds 96 pairs and it rotates so you can see them all - I'm in love!

2. I keep a prayer journal. I love having a way to keep track of my prayers and the things that are happening in my life that feel important enough to share with the Lord on paper. It's so nice to look back and see how my faith in the Lord has progressed and how He's blessed me over the years.

3. I speak to my dogs like they're people. I have two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels (named Kinchie and Whinnie) and I love them more than life itself. They are the sweetest, funniest, cutest dogs on the planet, and I can't help but talk to them like they're real people, not dogs who just stare at me.

4. One of my biggest fears is that I won't have my proposal photographed. I document every moment of my life, so missing this huge moment (and honestly, all the cute looks we'll give each other) would make me SO sad!

5. I live on bagels and english muffins. When your stomach is upset, there's not much you want to eat, but I can always get on board to eat one of those!

6. I absolutely love to plan things! I plan simple get-togethers, New Years parties, Christmas parties, pool parties - anything you can think of to get my friends together. (:

7. My sister is my best friend. Up until about grade 9, I didn't like her very much (I was actually quite mean). However, when we moved to San Jose and I was super sick, she became the only person I could hang out with, and that's when I realized how freaking awesome she is!

8. I have no thyroid. When I was 17, I had it removed due to a very rare form of thyroidism. I now have a very small scar (you can barely see it!) on my neck and take thyroid meds during the week.

9. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people wear sunglasses inside. You're inside, why must you wear SUNglasses?

10. I am Canadian! I lived there until I was 8, then moved to Southern California, then back to Canada when I was 11, and to Northern California when I was 14. We used to go back every year for Christmas, but now we go back in the summer for longer. It will always be my home. (:
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