101 List: Vegas, Baby!

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, January 30, 2015
In honour of booking my second trip to Vegas, I though I'd post about my first adventure there...

Where: Las Vegas, NV
When: November 2013

We, as a group of six, had decided a long time prior to turning 21, that once all of us were of age, we'd go celebrate in Las Vegas. Our last one became 21 at the end of September, so we utilized a long weekend in November and went!

Around dinner time Friday night, we set off on our road trip! The trip from Davis is about eight hours (with no traffic), so we stopped with about two hours to go to stay overnight in Barstow. As the sole driver, stopping was much needed at 2AM.

Barstow, CA

Pre-adventure drinks in our hotel room.

During the day: We explored the Strip and the many hotels that accompany it. We also utilized the only pool that was open (it was November after all) and the slot machines. (I was able to cross-off "Gamble at a Casino" from "My To-Dos" list!)

Always throwing what we know!

Just being tourists.

Clockwise from the top: Venetian, Cosmopolitan, Bellagio Fountains


Night #1: We had dinner at The Culinary Dropout in the hotel, which was delicious, and then headed out to clubs! (We also accidentally colour-coordinated for our evening out - it was a red, black, and white kind of night!)

Dinner Attire

LAX (Luxor) and Marquee (Cosmopolitan)

Night #2: Before heading out to our second night of dancing, we first went to the Aria hotel for some very delicious pink drinks. To end our night, we went to Hyde (at the Bellagio) where the only room to dance was on the edge of couches and where white confetti fell from the ceilings.

Black on Black

The Lounge in Aria

Hyde (Bellagio)

At the end of March, we're bringing my younger sister along, who a week before will have turned 21! This time, we opted to spend a little more money and stay on the Strip at the Monte Carlo. It's safe to say we're all pretty hyped to dance the nights away and enjoy the pool parties! The countdown is on...
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