101 List: Go Wine Tasting in Napa Valley

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, January 20, 2015
This long weekend, one of my best friends from UC Davis came back up to visit. While she was here, we went shopping (I got new boots), celebrated Clara's birthday (at Chicago Fire), went clubbing (at The Park), and lastly, went wine tasting in Napa! It was a busy weekend, but beyond worth it!

Here is our Napa Valley trip in a nutshell:

Stop #1: Sterling Vineyards

At Sterling, you take a gondola up to the winery, which gives gorgeous 360 degree views of Napa. While we were there, we tried seven different wines. My favourite was the 2013 Cellar Club Malvasia Bianca. It was a sweet white wine that was fruity and delicious!

(^Those are the new boots I mentioned!)

Stop #2: Beaulieu Vineyards

Here, we went downstairs to the Club Member Tasting Room where we sampled five wines - one white, four red. The last one we tasted, a 2009 Georges de Latour, retailed at $140 per bottle and you could tell! It was the smoothest red I've ever tasted!

Stop #3: "Welcome to Napa Valley"

On our way home, we decided to stop here to take the typical tourist shot. As this is the off-season for grapes, the vineyards are filled with thousands of mustard seeds. These bright yellow flowers made for some beautiful shots! Along with the mustard seeds, there was also an old railroad track at this pitstop, which turned out to be a great backdrop for photos.

Usually my friends aren't often into taking individual photos, but today was an exception. Maybe it had something to do with the wine in their system or they just loved the location, but they were willing to model for me! Here are some of my favourites (and of course, some funny ones)!




(I, also, joined in on the fun)

Overall, we had a wonderful day, and best of all, a great visit with Marie!

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