Glitter: DIY Table Numbers

by Lavender Elizabeth, December 10, 2015
December with Dear Wedding Day: Glitter

Framed Glitter
What You'll Need: Glitter Stickers | Scrapbook Paper | Frame
How to DIY: Cut paper to fit frame | Stick the sticker on the paper | Put it in the frame

Glittered Cursive
What You'll Need: Wood | Mod Podge | Loose Glitter | Paint
How to DIY: Paint wood | Use a stencil or hand-write number | Trace onto wood | Paint on mod podge | Pour glitter | Clean | Mod podge over glitter

Glittered String Art
What You'll Need: Wood | Mod Podge | Loose Glitter | Nails | String (or Yarn) | Paint | Number Sticker
How to DIY: Paint wood | Mod podge wood | Pour glitter | Mod podge over glitter | Place sticker on wood | Hammer nails around sticker in even increments | Remove sticker | String between nails to fill in number

Wooden Glitter
What You'll Need: Wooden Slab | Stencil | Paint | Loose Glitter | Mod Podge
How to DIY: Stencil number onto center of wood | Paint number | Mod podge over paint | Pour glitter | Mod podge over glitter

There you go! Four simple DIY table numbers with glitter!

Personal "Glitter" Post:
Fridays are the day I treat myself to Starbucks (sometimes I treat myself other days, too...). I order a grande nonfat vanilla latte and sip and enjoy. Sometimes adding a little glitter to the cup (and some initials in the background) add some fun to my Starbucks treat.

Later on DWD: Starry Night
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