Jingle: DIY Sendoff Ribbon Wands

by Lavender Elizabeth, December 17, 2015
December with Dear Wedding Day: Jingle

 What You'll Need:
1. Ribbon | 2. Wooden Dowels | 3. Washi Tape | 4. Split Rings | 5. Jingle Bells | 6. Eye Screws

Step 1: Insert Eye Screws
Rods come in 36" so before I started, I sawed them in half to make them a better size.
Insert eye screws into the center of the top of rod.
TIP: First, insert a push pin to create a small hole - this makes it easier to screw the eye screws into the rod.

Step 2: Cover Rods in Washi Tape
In a diagonal wrap, cover each rod with washi tape. I chose to use two different patterns to create variety.

Step 3: Add Jingle Bells
Attach jingle bells to split rings.
Attach the bells and split rings to eye screw.

Step 4: Cut Ribbon
I used five different kinds of ribbon to add dimension.
I cut each ribbon about the length of the rod. Make sure not to cut them the exact length, but with some variation - this makes the wand look better as a final product.

Step 5: Attach Ribbon to Wand
Layer the ribbon and insert into the split rings. Tie ribbon to secure.

Step 6: Tape Down Ribbon
To secure the ends and avoid fly-aways, I taped the tied ribbon onto the wands with washi tape.

Ta-Da! Jingle ribbon wands to send the newlyweds off in style!

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