A Guide to Bridal Gown Silhouettes

by Lavender Elizabeth, May 19, 2016

Finding your wedding gown is an incredibly exciting time, but can sometimes be confusing. Should you go with a trumpet or a mermaid? What makes those styles different?
Below is a guide to help you answer those questions and more. Enjoy narrowing in on your choice of silhouette and saying yes to the dress!

 Ballgown: A ballgown silhouette features a fitted bodice that flares at the waist into a full skirt.

A-line: An a-line silhouette also has a fitted bodice, but rather than flaring at the waist, it flows to the ground. It loosely resembles an upper case "A" with an unbroken line.

Modified A-line or Fit & Flare: This style features a silhouette that is fitted through the bodice and hips, and gradually flares to the hem. The lower half of the dress resembles an upper case "A." 

Trumpet: A trumpet gown is fitted through the body and flares at the mid-thigh. 

Mermaid: A mermaid gown is fitted through the body and flares at the knees. 

Sheath or Column: A sheath, sometimes called column, gown is narrow in shape, flowing from the neckline to the hem.

Tea-length: The skirt hem of a tea-length gown falls between the ankle and the knee.

What's your favorite silhouette of wedding gowns?

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