A Letter to My Mom

by Lavender Elizabeth, May 08, 2016

Dearest Mom,

You are a rock, light, and fighter in my life. Throughout each stage, you've been supportive and loving, always ready with a big hug and warm cup of tea.

During the time of my life that was the hardest, you were there. Being sick for so many years, I learned to rely on you to take care of me. Whether it was making me tea and bagels, watching Friends with me, or simply driving me to doctors appointments, you knew just what I needed. The love you poured out in all the things you gave, showed me how a mother should look after her daughter. They're qualities that I can only hope to show my own kids when the time comes.

During my depression, you became more than just a mom and caretaker, you became my lifeline. You always knew when I needed a hug, needed space, or needed a good pun to make me laugh. I know that watching me go through undiagnosed illnesses and depression must have been so hard, but you never let it show. You were my backbone, always there to keep me strong when I couldn't do it alone.

And now, as I'm in the beginning stages of adulthood, you've become more than a mother once again; you've become a friend. You're my confidant, my gossip-buddy, and a role model. You've shown me how to be a warrior for others, a sacrificial wife, and a true definition of a woman. Through your humor and strength, you've gotten through moves, new friendships, a long-distance marriage, living in a different state than your child, loss of loved ones, and heartache. I know that through your example, I can tackle anything that comes my way. You handle everything that comes to you with courage and that's something I hope to mimic in my future.

Mom, you're a hero in my life. You've shown me how to be a mother full of wisdom, sacrifice, and love. You've shown me how to sustain a marriage for almost thirty years and how to raise daughters that are confident, determined, and ambitious. As I continue in my life, eventually having a husband and children of my own, I know whom I'd like to model myself after. I hope to a mother who takes care of her children without question, supports her husband in whatever way necessary, and tackles new situations with determination. You're a beautiful woman inside and out and I am so proud to be your daughter.

I love you. Happy Mother's Day!


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