A Guide to Bridal Veil Styles

by Lavender Elizabeth, June 06, 2016
bridal veil styles

Putting on a veil can add to that true "bridal moment." It's a symbol of a bride walking down the aisle to meet her groom. But what style should you get? There's cathedral, blusher, juliet, etc - all beautiful, but all very different. Below is a style guide to help you navigate your way to your own "bridal moment."

Birdcage: A birdcage veil is the smallest veil a bride can wear, as it only covers the eyes. It is often made out of a netted material, adding to the vintage vibe it creates.
birdcave veil

Blusher: A blusher veil comes forward to cover the face. Traditionally, a groom pulls the veil over the bride's face, which is where this style comes from. Once the groom reveals the bride's face, the blusher creates a small veil for the bride.
blusher veil

Flyaway: Flyaway veils are short, often going to the bride's shoulders. They are typically voluminous, with layers of tulle.
Flyaway Veils

Elbow: An elbow veil sits right at the elbows.
elbow length veils

Finger-Length: A finger-length veil goes to the tips of the bride's fingers.
fingerlength bid

Ballet: A ballet veil, sometimes called a waltz veil, falls between the knees and ankles.
ballet veils

Chapel: A chapel veil is long, ending at the hem of the bride's gown.
chapel veils

Cathedral: A cathedral veil is dramatic, extending past the train of the gown.
cathedral veils

Juliet: A juliet veil covers the head, like a cap, creating a vintage look.
juliet cap veils

Mantilla: A mantilla veil is a circular piece of fabric, often with lace edges, that falls over the bride's head in a romantic, loose fashion.
mantilla veils

What kind of veil did you wear, or are planning to wear, to your wedding?

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