Introduction Thursday

by Lavender Elizabeth, June 09, 2016
As I'm entering deeper into The Light that Carries Me, I decided to join in on Jenna Kutcher's Instagram Lab workshop. Today's challenge was to share a bit about myself on Instagram (which you can find here), but I decided that I also wanted to share on my blog, as this is my main form of communication.

My name is Ainsley and I'm a Christian blogger seeking to not only connect others to God, but to grow in my own relationship with Him. This blog started as a way to share my story about dealing with chronic illnesses and how it influenced my walk with God, but turned into a place for me to grow deeper in my current walk. I am constantly learning, challenging myself, and finding new ways to explore God's beauty.

I have two chronic illnesses that I've been battling for the past eleven years. I became sick when I was 13 and was officially diagnosed with a rare thyroid condition when I was 16. Due to the volatility of my thyroid, they decided to remove it when I was 17. Despite it being removed, I still have substantial problems with my hormone levels, causing me to be nauseous 24/7, experience weight fluctuations, and so many other symptoms. When I was 19, I became sick again, but with different symptoms (I felt like I had the stomach flu for months), and at 20, was diagnosed with gastroparesis, or paralysis of the stomach. I can no longer contract my food on my own without the help of a pill. Thankfully, I've learned how to properly deal with both illnesses and am constantly surprising myself with what I can accomplish. These illnesses rock my world daily, but they've also transformed me into a strong, persistent, woman of God.

In October, I made the move from Northern California to Central Illinois and I am loving it! I settled in with a church family that has been the greatest blessing I could have asked for. Living with my younger sister has been a huge plus, too! She's my best friend and moving in with her was the best decision I could have made.

Most days you can find me watching way too much TV (can I hear it for Criminal Minds fans!?), laughing with my sister, eating at Einstein Bagels far too often, and drinking copious amounts of tea and coffee. I love to travel and explore new parts of the world. Seeing new cultures and places is the perfect way to expand my horizons, while simultaneously seeing God’s creation up close and personal.

My passion lies in planning and organizing. I will forever be known by my friends as the planner of the group, and I love that! I also love to surprise people with little gifts to let them know I’m thinking of them. And really, who doesn’t love little gifts?

I cannot wait to show you more of God's goodness and grace as this blog continues! I'm so glad you stopped by!
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