My January Recap & February To Dos

by Lavender Elizabeth, February 03, 2018
I am so excited that February has started! I start my new job, go on a ski trip, turn 26, and head back to California - does it get any better? My full February list is below, but first, my January recap.

Enjoy a girls' weekend when my college best friends visit.
Had the best weekend with the best of friends.

Attend a women's group reunion dinner.
We surprised one of our mamas-to-be with a baby shower.

Celebrate a friend's newest addition at her baby shower.
Her little fox is already so loved.

Pray every night before going to sleep.
I was hoping to write in my prayer journal every night, but some nights, I just talked to Him.

Begin my calligraphy bootcamp course with Loveleigh Loops.
I'm so bummed I wasn't able to start this! February, it's happening.

Enjoy National Popcorn Day by making popcorn balls.
My Choco-Mint Popcorn Balls were so tasty!

Fill out my Janu-Arie Bachelor bracket.
I'm currently in third place (but, sadly, my top 4 picks keep getting kicked off)!

Attend a ladies' clothing swap.
I ended up getting back from Champaign too late to attend.

Go out for brunch at least once with friends.
We went for brunch and then to The Little Mermaid musical.

Start "Mission: Get Back Into Shape" by eating healthier and working out.

Start my new job as a Talent Engagement Specialist.

Go on a weekend ski trip with friends (and learn how to ski).

Celebrate turning 26.

Test my artistic skills at Paint Nite.

Host a Galentine's Day sleepover.

Spend time with friends while visiting California.

Visit my endocrinologist while in San Francisco.

See a movie in theaters at least once.

Start a bullet journal.

February, I am so ready for you!
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