What I Loved last Month // May

by Lavender Elizabeth, June 06, 2018
I'm playing a little blog catch-up this week since I've been traveling. Usually my "What I'm Loving" series will occur at the end of the month, but for May, I'm sharing it a little late.

Without further ado - below is what I loved during the month of May!

This past month, as I continued my workout journey, I returned to one of my favorites: Blogilates. Blogilates is a YouTube channel full of pilates-type videos. Each month, a new workout calendar is posted, along with different videos to do on each day. Last month, I did her Beginner 2.0 calendar.

13 Reasons Why
The weekend that season two came out, I not only finished it, but also re-watched season one. It was a mega 13 Reasons Why binge weekend. And, today, they announced it's coming back for season three in 2019!

I did almost all of my shopping for Mexico at Francesca's. I ended up going to three different locations, the final stop being the big winner. I bought four dresses, two shirts, two pairs of shorts, a statement necklace, and simple earrings. I scored!

I was barely at home in May due to traveling. I went to my company's headquarters two weeks in a row, came home, and then left for Mexico. I love traveling, both for work and for fun. There's something so exciting about going to a new place.

Phase 10
This has always been one of my favorite games, but I rediscovered my love for it in May. I introduced Phase 10 to some of my friends here and then played again when my college friends visited for Memorial Day. If you haven't played before, I highly recommend it! But beware - it can be ruthless. 

Tell me: what were you loving last month?
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