The Best Winter Candles

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, January 28, 2019
This year, I've decided to get into candles. My family is obsessed with them, but for some reason, I've never jumped on the candle-loving train. That's going to change this year! In the winter, burning a candle can really create a warm and comforting home. I reached out to my candle-burning friends for their recommendations. Below are twelve of the most popular scents for the season, according to my favorite people.

It smells like hot man. - Emily

It smells like Christmas, warmth, and pie. - Emma

It's a nice musky scent without being too strong. It reminds me of winter days. - Emily

The cranberry is a nice throwback to the holidays that we just left, while the dahlia is a reminder that spring is around the corner. - Kiley

It smells like Christmas and is so cozy for winter. - Keiko

The scent is super fresh and clean - really great for winter when we are cleaning and simplifying our houses. Amazing! And it helps that the color is wintery, too. - Hannah

The earl grey makes me feel warm and cozy; plus it's really calming. - Clara

Once you try it, you'll never go back! It makes your home smell amazing! - Paige

It has a good dose of pine in it, without it being too over powering or too earthy, since there's also some sweetness in the scent. - Bethany

I LOVE IT! Highly recommend. Once you burn the candle fully down, it turns into a drinking glass. Two birds, one stone. - Daphne

It's the coziest scent on the planet. Nice and sweet, and a little smokey. - Bethany

It just smells big and warm. - Izzy

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Tell me: what's your favorite winter candle scent?
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