What I'm Loving // January

by Lavender Elizabeth, January 31, 2019
January has been a very long month. It's slowly gotten colder and colder, with temperatures dropping to -21 yesterday! In honor of the longest moth of the year ending, I'm bringing back my "What I'm Loving" series. The last time I shared my monthly loves was back in September, so it's long overdue!

Below are the five things I've been loving this January.

The Great British Baking Show
I randomly decided to watch this show a couple of weeks ago, and suffice it to say, I'm addicted. I'm currently in Collection 4 and am constantly amazed at what these bakers can do!

We've officially been hit with true winter weather this month. It might be super cold, but I'm loving it. There's something so magical about watching snow fall and enjoying the snow-covered views. 

Ritz Crisp & Thins Salt & Vinegar Chips
I am a big salt and vinegar fan. My mom recently bought these and I've now gone through two bags - they're so tasty!

Due to the cold weather, layers have become my best friend. Between soft sweaters, cozy blankets, and puffy coats - I've been rocking the layered look.

Northern California
Being in Northern California for a week was amazing. It was nice being back in an area I grew up in, watching the waves, and spending time with my best friends.

Tell me: what were you loving this month?
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