A 1920's Murder Mystery Party

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, March 26, 2019
This past weekend, my roommates and I hosted a 1920's Murder Mystery Party to celebrate Betty's birthday. She worked with The Murder Mystery Co., a company that specializes in Murder Mystery dinner parties. The premise was a Mobster Speakeasy gone wrong. We had rival mob bosses, a singing superstar, and an undercover Bureau of Prohibition agent. We transformed our apartment into our very own speakeasy as the backdrop to the party. It was seriously an amazing night!


For decor, we put up a gold photo backdrop, added streamers and pom-poms, and set up a dessert and drinks table.


Betty tasked me with making the desserts and drinks for the evening - two things I love making. For dessert, I made champagne cake pops and a chocolate espresso cake. It was my first time decorating a cake, and I have to say, I'm so proud of the way it turned out!


For drinks, I wanted to keep them on theme. I created two classic Gatsby-era drinks: the Bee's Knees and the Mary Pickford. We also did a champagne toast, complete with blackberry garnishes.


Everyone came to the party in the perfect 1920's attire! From flapper dresses to sequins, our friends were dressed to the nines. My character was the "brainiac" so I had special glasses to wear throughout the night. Betty also bought dresses for the two pups to help them be party-ready.

My Fashion: The Dress & The Accessories 


The final moment of the game was when I, the undercover Prohibition agent, arrested the murderer. As you can see, it was very serious business.

Here's to Prohibition and many more themed parties!
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